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Excess baggage rates

If you wish to take more than your allotted baggage allowance, you can purchase excess baggage on, at Qatar Airways city offices, airport ticketing offices, call centres, or at the time of check-in at the Airport itself.

Excess baggage can be purchased online using the Manage Booking tab at the top of this page after the booking is made.

The rates and conditions below are applicable for Qatar Airways operated flights only. If your itinerary includes flights operated by other airlines, please contact the nearest Qatar Airways ticket office or our call centre so that our colleagues can check your ticket and advise on the applicable excess baggage charges.

In case of Qatar Airways operated flights, excess and overweight baggage charges are dependent on the regions you are travelling between.

When purchased online on (online)
When purchased at Qatar Airways offices (airport , city, call centers), or at the check-in desk (offline)

New excess baggage rate per additional kg (2.2lb) for all routes (except Argentina, Brazil, Canada & the USA).



Purchased Africa* Europe Far East Australia, Japan & Korea GCC (incl. Qatar), Levant, Iran & Indian subcontinent
Africa* 40 USD 40 USD 40 USD 55 USD 25 USD
50 USD 50 USD 50 USD 70 USD 30 USD
Europe 40 USD 40 USD 40 USD 55 USD 25 USD
50 USD 50 USD 50 USD 70 USD 30 USD
Far East 40 USD 40 USD 40 USD 55 USD 25 USD
50 USD 50 USD 50 USD 70 USD 30 USD
Australia, Japan & Korea 55 USD 55 USD 55 USD 55 USD 40 USD
70 USD 70 USD 70 USD 70 USD 50 USD
GCC, Levant, Iran & Indian subcontinent 25 USD 25 USD 25 USD 40 USD 12 USD
30 USD 30 USD 30 USD 50 USD 15 USD
Qatar** 80 QAR 80 QAR 80 QAR 140 QAR 40 QAR
100 QAR 100 QAR 100 QAR 180 QAR 50 QAR


Note: The rate for routes that do not include Doha: Online: 25 USD per kg (2.2lb), Offline: 30 USD per kg (2.2lb). Examples: Bangkok - Hanoi.

* If you wish to transport bulk baggage to or from Africa (minimum of 5 kgs), click here to view the associated fees.

**Rates in Qatari Riyals (QAR) apply only for excess baggage purchases made in Qatar, for travel originating in Doha.


Flights to/from Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the USA - Excess baggage rate per piece
Purchased Subsequent extra piece Overweight piece - between 23-32kg (50-70lb)***
200 USD (730 QAR) 50 USD (190 QAR)
250 USD (910 QAR) 65 USD (240 QAR)

***Overweight piece option applies to Economy Class only. In accordance with government regulations in Brazil, for any ticket where the true origin or destination is in Brazil the allowance is 2 pieces and the allowed weight for each individual piece is 32kg (70lb) regardless of the cabin.

For flights between Buenos Aires and Brazil, excess baggage rate per additional piece is: Online: 75 USD, Offline: 100 USD.

Infants travelling on an adult's lap are entitled to 1 piece. Additional pieces will be charged on the adult ticket.


Excess baggage purchase rules on

  • Excess baggage is only offered over and above the free baggage allowance already indicated on your booking confirmation and tickets.
  • Excess baggage is charged per kilo except to / from the Americas, where it is charged per piece.
  • Purchase units are offered in increments of single pieces or bundles of 5kg (11lb) each.
  • A single piece of checked baggage must not weigh more than 32kg (70lb) or exceed 158cm (62in) in length+width+height. Any bags weighing more than 32kg (70lb) must be broken down such that each piece weighs less than 32kg (70lb).
  • Online excess baggage purchase is applicable to Qatar Airways-operated flights only.
  • Excess baggage is calculated per passenger per journey, where journey is defined as the entire outbound or inbound trip between origin and destination, not considering the transfer point.
  • Purchase may be made from the time a booking is ticketed up to 6 hours prior to departure and is valid only for the flight and date shown on the excess baggage purchase receipt. To determine whether or not a booking is ticketed, check the confirmation email for a ticket number next to each passenger’s name.
  • Excess baggage charges are quoted and billed in the currency of the flight departure country.
  • Excess baggage purchased online at is non-refundable and non-transferable, however, date changes to the booking are permitted within the same route only. Excess baggage is not valid for travel on other carriers.
  • Excess baggage is subject to space limitations at check in. If excess baggage cannot be accepted because of space limitations or airline initiated flight or schedule changes, it may be refunded or transferred to another flight with the same origin and destination in accordance with the airline's policies. 
  • Online excess baggage purchase is not allowed for infants.
  • Excess baggage purchased on is only valid for Qatar Airways flights. If you need to book excess baggage for an itinerary which includes interline or codeshare flights, please contact those carriers for their excess baggage policies.
  • In case online purchase of excess baggage is not completed for any reason, Qatar Airways reserves the right to not offer the online discounted price.