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Fly healthy, fly fit

In-flight exercises

Qatar Airways and The Chopra Center for Wellbeing offer you customised Ayurvedic techniques that you can use during your flight (and at home) to feel more balanced, healthy and relaxed.

To encourage blood circulation, we recommend that you do these exercises for a few minutes each hour.

Feet first
DVT is a blood clot in a deep vein. There is a slight risk of developing DVT if you remain seated in an aircraft for a prolonged duration. Therefore, during your flight, it's important to regularly get up and walk around or carry out the exercises in this guide.

1. With your feet raised, make circles with your toes, rotating them 20 times in each direction.

2. With your feet flat, alternately lift your heels up with your toes still on th efloor, then rest your heels and lift your toes, as in a rocking motion. Hold the lift each time, repeating 30 times.

3. Lift your knees slightly whilst at the same time clenching your thigh muscles and pointing your toes up and down. Repeat 10 to 20 times with each leg.

Health advice

Motion sickness
Continue looking straight ahead by keeping your eyes focussed on a non-moving object to reduce motion sickness.

Cabin pressure
Cabin air pressure falls as the aircraft gains height, which can cause the amount of oxygen in your blood to drop. The aircraft cabin is pressurised to keep this to a minimum but the change of pressure during take-off and landing can give a feeling of blackage of the ears. Chewing, swallowing or yawning can relieve these symptoms.

Heart disease
Don't fly within seven days of a heart attack unless cleared by your doctor. It is normally best to delay your flight for about a month in case there are complications.

If you are going to cross several time zones, please consult your doctor about managing your insulin dosage.

Prior to booking your ticket, Qatar Airways recommends that you visit your doctor and inquire about your fitness to fly the length of trip you intend to take.

For your own safety and the well being of your child, Qatar Airways will not accept expectant mothers who are pregnant from their 36th week or beyond.

Depending on the stage of your pregnancy and certain details, you may be required to carry certain medical forms.

Click here for more information on the guidelines and requirements for flying while pregnant.