Engineering Training

British Airways Engineering is recognised throughout the aviation industry for learning excellence. Learners can attain the highest levels of professional achievement supported by our continuous investment in new technologies and facilities.

We strive to deliver accessible, engaging and innovative learning solutions for our internal workforce
and our valued customers, and what sets us apart from other learning institutions is the onsite
accessibility to aircraft. With the use of synthetic training devices and simulators we are able to recreate real-life scenarios in support of EASA Part-147 practical training and engine ground running. This means defects can be programmed in to hone fault-finding techniques, ensuring immediate competence in line maintenance and AOG situations.

Through our partnership with the University of South Wales we continue to produce world
class engineers. Our learning professionals come primarily from line maintenance and main base
environments as well as the field of higher education. Together they supervise more than 28,000
training days per annum in our flexible classroom facilities that are fully equipped to support the
revolution in new aircraft systems and software for the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 787.

A preferential service for all customers

Operators and maintenance organisations can confidently send their engineers and technicians to the
British Airways Learning Academy. State-of-the-art equipment, new diagnostic techniques and industry
best-practice will deliver safe, competent and assured individuals who can cope effectively with new
technologies and complex standards.

Bespoke programmes are created for larger airlines integrating new Airbus and Boeing aircraft,
smaller operators can integrate their people within on-going programmes that are designed
to ensure British Airways personnel have the right skills for the job. This is a cost-effective
option and many students benefit from diversity within the classroom environment.
Those airlines running legacy aircraft know that our teams are fully conversant with most current
in-service commercial types and can pass on years of knowledge and experience to maximise
operational productivity.

Our aim is to inspire individual ownership of personal skills development. Helping individuals to
achieve business success adds value and expertise to your workforce and increases job satisfaction.

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