Clinical Human Factors Training

A Clinical Human Factors partnership between British Airways & the NHS

British Airways have developed unique training days using flight/cabin simulation and aviation concepts to provide Human Factors Training relevant to the healthcare environment.

Human Factors principles have been successfully applied to every aspect of aviation from design and work environment to human performance for over a quarter of a century. Our industry utilises best practice concepts in areas such as leadership, communications, teamwork, decision making and situational awareness. These are deployed day to day to optimise the operation on-board our aircraft, by both flight and cabin crew.

The workshops are jointly run by British Airways’ senior training pilots and senior clinicians with a background in Human Factors training. Delegates will develop a deeper understanding of the role of human factors in healthcare and learn how to implement these in their day to day clinical practice. Senior BA training pilots and clinicians share their experiences and best practice as well as critical incidents learning.

Who Should Attend?

Healthcare professionals from all medical specialties

Patient support organisations

Risk managers

Course Details

The courses have limited places and each delegate (dependent on the course) will experience the following:

Flight Simulator

Experience one of our £10m high-fidelity, full-motion flight simulators at the British Airways Global Learning Academy, London Heathrow. Take the controls alongside our highly trained pilots and learn first-hand the human factors principles and practices we use to avoid, trap and mitigate errors. 

Cabin Simulation

Training focuses on optimising human performance through a better understanding of individual behaviour, interactions with each other and with the environment. Here the focus is less on technical knowledge and skills, but rather the cognitive and interpersonal skills needed to effectively manage a team-based, high-risk activity.

Seminars & Workshops

Human factors is an established, scientific discipline originating in aviation. We offer an integrated, evidenced and coherent approach to patient safety, quality improvement and clinical excellence. Informative, interactive seminars with leaders in the field of human factors from both British Airways pilots and clinicians.

See our partner website for more course details and to book places:

CPD Points

The course is accredited for CPD points.

Course Dates

There will be a limited number of courses during the year. See our partner website for course details, dates and to book places:


British Airways Flight Training is located within the British Airways Global Learning Academy facility at Heathrow Airport.


See our partner website for more details:

Security Information

When you arrive for the course, you will be required to show one form of photographic identification such as your passport or UK photographic driving licence. Failure to do so will prevent a security pass being issued and denial of access with no refund of your course fees.

Further Information

For further information, please contact:


collapsedshowRecommendations for the Course

Safety & Security

Safety & Security is our FIRST priority in British Airways.

British Airways Flight Training is located inside the main British Airways Engineering Base at Heathrow Airport.  This is a very busy operational area.  Exercise caution and observe all safety and security instructions.

Do not breach any security procedures.  Do not access any restricted areas or aircraft.  Do not use your pass to allow access to anyone else.  Failure to abide by security procedures will result in denial of access or immediate removal from the Base and may lead to prosecution.

To gain access to British Airways Flight Training, you will first need to report to Vanguard House (Pass Issue) where you will be met by your host and be issued with your Security Pass.

You will be required to show one form of photographic identification such as your passport or UK photographic driving licence.  Failure to do so will prevent a Security Pass being issued and denial of access with no refund of your course fees.  Your Security Pass must be worn and be visible at all times.  It must be returned at the end of your visit.


Personal Health and Physical Abilities

Our Simulator flights involve a degree of physical mobility and may not be suitable for some people.  Please check with us if you have any concerns.

We recommend that the following groups of people do not take part:

              Ladies who are or could possibly be pregnant.

              Anyone with back, joint or mobility problems.

              Anyone who is susceptible to motion sickness.

Prior to arrival at British Airways Flight Training, no alcohol may be consumed by any visitor.



We recommend that:

              Ladies wear trousers and not skirts or dresses.

              Shoes with a heel no higher than about 25mm are worn.

There is a 10 minute walk from Vanguard House to the flight simulators in Technical Block A.  This walk is open to the elements.  Please be prepared for inclement weather and dress accordingly!



You are welcome to bring a camera along.  Your mobile phone may also be used as a camera but it MUST be in FLIGHT MODE in the simulator.


Location and Car Parking

British Airways Flight Training is located in:

Technical Block A (TBA) at the British Airways Global Learning Academy.

Vanguard Way, Off Eastchurch Road.

Near Hatton Cross.


Middlesex.  TW6 2SY


To Vanguard House by Car

The GPS location for Vanguard House is:  N  51°  28'  21''      W  0°  25'  33''

The closest postcodes for Vanguard House are:

TW6 2SY (Exeter Way) or TW6 2PL (Ensign Close).

They do NOT take you directly to Vanguard House! They both direct you left off the roundabout at the top of Eastchurch Road and onto Exeter Way.  At this roundabout, you actually need to go right onto Vanguard Way.  Then, immediately turn right again for Vanguard House.



Car Parking

Initially, park in the Visitor’s Car Park at the side of Vanguard House.  Then, report to the Pass Issue Desk in Vanguard House to obtain your Security and Vehicle Passes.  Once your Passes have been issued, you will be directed to the appropriate car park.

To Vanguard House by Underground

The closest Underground Station is Hatton Cross, on the Piccadilly Line.

Walking time from Hatton Cross Underground Station to Vanguard House, via Eastchurch Road, is approximately 15 minutes.