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Get ready to discover New York

Nothing will prepare you for the magnitude of New York. That’s the beauty of this big, brilliant city. Let British Airways take you there and see it for yourself: take a big trip or a small city break this autumn – and make your own mark on Manhattan.

In a city with 20 million people and hundreds of museums, one pair of eyes won’t seem enough – when you’re examining epic Egyptian artefacts in the The Met or feasting your eyes on a showstopping musical number on Broadway. There’s almost too much to see. No wonder people return time and time again. Everyone’s New York experiences are different, and there’s a New York attraction for everyone. Book a holiday to New York with us to discover it all.

First-time visitors will be floored by the famous landmarks on every corner in Manhattan – and find Central Park a welcome break in the centre of it all. Regulars will always find something new: the latest restaurant opening in Midtown, or a new neighbourhood to explore. Then there’s the city’s five boroughs. We'll take Manhattan – and then Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens for afters. Each has their own distinct personality.

But New York isn’t just a state of mind: it’s also a state – and a beautiful one at that. Niagara Falls, the finger lakes and the changing colours of the fall foliage in the Catskill mountains are all within reach when you hire a car and leave the city this autumn. Your next amazing holiday starts with a flight – so book yours now.

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Viajantes de Nova Iorque: dicas de cada estação do ano


Os fins de semana, durante o verão, são a época indicada para visitar caso queira evitar as multidões, já que a maioria dos nova-iorquinos viaja. Assim pode passear pela cidade tranquilamente sem ter de enfrentar o ritmo, normalmente, acelerado. A desvantagem é que a maior parte das galerias não abre durante o mês de agosto, por isso verifique, antes de viajar, se há alguma em particular que gostaria de conhecer.

- Lyn Slater, blogger de moda e beleza residente em Nova Iorque

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A minha época preferida do ano é o outono. O Central Park fica especialmente bonito visto de cima. Se tiver oportunidade, faça um passeio de helicóptero e sobrevoe a cidade. Se tiver tempo para explorar além da cidade, conheça as Montanhas Catskills, na região norte do estado de Nova Iorque, durante e época da queda das folhas das árvores no outono.

– Dan Rookwood, editor dos Estados Unidos da revista Mr Porter

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É um cliché, mas a pista de patinagem no gelo no Bryant Park é uma experiência imperdível no inverno de Nova Iorque. É um programa menos turístico do que a pista do Rockefeller Center e o mercado de Natal à volta é excelente.

Jess Parr, membro da tripulação de cabina da British Airways e blogger de viagens

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Não há melhor época para passear no High Line do que na primavera. As árvores em flor, durante a primavera, no Madison Square Park, são lindas. Esta época do ano também é perfeita para comer ao ar livre, quando o tempo ainda está fresco. As pessoas estão tão ansiosas pela chegada do verão que começam logo a comer ao livre, muito antes do que seria de esperar. O The Pavilion, no Union Square Park, e o Shake Shack, no Madison Square Park, são dois dos meus espaços preferidos ao ar livre.

- Vishaan Chakrabarti, arquiteto residente em Nova Iorque

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#Ilha de Manhattan abrange cerca de 60 km2. Mas existe um aeroporto nos E.U.A. que é ainda maior… Sabe qual é?​ #NovaIorque #EUA #FlyBA ​ ​ ​

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#NesteDia em 1885 a Estátua da Liberdade chegou ao #Porto da Cidade de Nova Iorque. Desde então que dá as boas-vindas aos visitantes. Já a viu?

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As nossas melhores dicas para apreciadores gastronómicos

Absolute Bagels

Voted the best bagels in New York by Time Out, we tend to agree. These chewy, delicious, hand-rolled boiled delicacies come with a great selection of schmears (creamy cheese spreads). Our recommendation is the scallion schmear with lox (smoked salmon) and cucumber, a true New Yorker’s bagel. Journey up to the Upper West Side on Broadway to sample these bagels, close to Columbia University. A student-staple, you will not be disappointed. As there is no seating inside, maybe sit in the nearby Riverside Park for a mini-picnic.

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Burger Joint

Supostamente um segredo, mas muitas vezes com filas, este estabelecimento peculiar com entrada por um recanto da parede é inspirado nos anos 70 e fica situado no exclusivo Le Parker Meridien. Por trás de uma cortina vermelha, percorre-se um corredor com um hambúrguer desenhado a néon, os comensais sentam-se numa pequena sala coberta com grafítis a comer alguns dos melhores hambúrgueres de Manhattan. Suculentas rodelas de carne de vaca grelhadas com uma generosa porção de queijo, salada e pickles, tudo servido num pãozinho grelhado. Batatas fritas estaladiças e espessos batidos completam esta experiência. Este estabelecimento só aceita dinheiro, pelo que é aconselhável levantá-lo no caminho.

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Friend of a Farmer

Brunch in New York can be the most important meal of the weekend. With that in mind, head over to local favourite Friend of a Farmer in Gramercy Park for a superb hangover cure. Choose from farm-fresh, home-made dishes that will remind you of your grandmother’s cooking. From superb omelettes with spinach and mushrooms to crab eggs benedict, you will find something you want. The griddle specialities are especially appealing, as are the Bloody Marys. A small warning – get there early as it gets busy, which is always a good sign.

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Conhecida como a primeira pizzeria dos EUA, o Lombardi’s abriu pela primeira vez as suas portas em 1905. Gennaro Lombardi, um imigrante napolitano, reinventou um prato humilde tornando-o no fenómeno mundial que é hoje em dia. A massa de base tostada e cozinhada em forno de pedra, com o famoso molho de tomate e mozzarella fresca, espera os ávidos clientes. As coberturas do chef incluem almôndegas italianas e pepperoni (um enchido italiano). Na família desde 1897, pode estar certo que será bem atendido a partir do momento em que entre pela porta.

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Como é que alguém se poderá esquecer de ver esta icónica #skyline? #NewYork #FridayFeeling

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Top five facts about New York

Want some more inspiration before you go? Read up on our five most fascinating facts about New York. Find out what makes this one of the greatest cities in the world.

It's diverse

There are over 800 languages spoken in New York. The Jewish population is the largest outside Israel, the Polish population is the largest outside Poland – and if you happen to meet 38 Americans, chances are that at least one of them will be from New York. These chances increase if you’re standing in Brooklyn.

Its skyline is iconic

The Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building rank among the USA’s most beloved pieces of architecture – and the Flatiron Building is still fondly regarded as an architectural curiosity. But the iconic New York skyline is constantly evolving. It now includes a skyscraper with no windows, and the new One World Trade Center – which has the sixth tallest tower in the world.

Baseball rules

Baseball is a real New York sport. The Yankee Stadium has been home to the sport’s biggest heroes: Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio among them. But it isn’t the only activity that's well-represented in the city. The New York Marathon is the world’s biggest running race, and Queens holds the US Open, one of tennis’s major tournaments.

There are plenty of parades

New York loves its parades and pageantry. The city holds the world’s largest St Patrick’s Day Parade – you’ll see seas of green frothing in the street every year on the 17 March. Not to be outdone, Coney Island holds a Mermaid Parade in June. It’s smaller (fewer people can claim mermaid ancestors than Irish ones) but just as fun. In March, PrideFest marks one of the USA’s largest Pride festivals, and in November you’ll see the enormous balloon floats of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade.

Coffee is king

This city cares about coffee – New Yorkers drink, according to some claims, seven times as much of the stuff than the average American. But they might love their even food more. Cheesecake, pizza, pastrami, bagel, pretzels: all had their recipes perfected in NYC. What’s more, the Bloody Mary, eggs Benedict and Waldorf Salad were ‘invented’ here. What a brunch that makes!

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David Farley, for British Airways

Vermont – ground zerofor leaf peepers – is only a fewhours drive from New York City.

David Farley,,   pela British Airways

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