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Learn about what you can bring and how to package it. Also, track your bags when you're traveling and find information on delayed or damaged bags.

Baggage policies


Traveling with a cello? Golf clubs? Surf board? Find out what you can (and can't) bring on your next flight and read our policies on instruments, sporting equipment and more.

Track your bags

Track your bags

Have you ever wondered what happens to your bag after you check it in? Now, you can keep track of your bags from check-in to when you land.

Delayed bags

Delayed or damaged bags

If your bags aren't there when you land, please tell a US Airways representative before you leave the airport (within 4 hours of your arrival). We'll do our best to get your bag back to you within 24 hours.

You can check the status of your bag online with your bag tag #. It begins with ‘US’ and ends with 6 digits, and it's right above the bar code on your bag claim check.

Bags VIP delivery service

Plan to check bags on your upcoming trip? Make travel easier and let the service experts from Bags VIP deliver your bags to the destination of your choice.