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Delayed bags

If your bag is delayed, please talk to a US Airways representative before you leave the airport and within 4 hours of arriving at your destination.

If you already reported your delayed baggage, you can check the status online.

Reimbursable expenses

We may reimburse you for reasonable items such as toiletries while you wait for us to return your delayed baggage. Be sure to ask a baggage representative for guidelines on what is (and isn't) considered a reimbursable expense.

If your bags have not been located and returned within 5 days, mail or fax the Passenger Property Form to the Central Baggage Resolution Office. For reimbursement consideration, please send your receipts to this address.

US Airways Central Baggage Resolution – RWB-BGZ
4000 East Sky Harbor Blvd.
Phoenix, AZ 85034
Fax: (480) 693-2305

Damaged bags

If your bag is damaged, be sure to notify a US Airways representative within 4 hours of arrival at your destination for domestic travel and within 7 days for international travel. All reports must be made in person at the airport.

When US Airways has exercised the ordinary standard of care, it shall not be liable for conditions that result from normal wear and tear (such as scratches, scuffs, dents and dirt), or for:

  • Damage to wheels, feet, zippers, extending handles
  • Over-packing of the bag
  • Fragile or perishable items
  • Loss of external locks
  • Pull or security straps
  • Manufacturer's defects

Damage repair

Rynn's Luggage provides baggage repair services.