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Minors travelling alone

They may travel without a companion if a number of conditions are met.

Minor Companion Service
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Minor Companion Service

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This service can be booked through your Iberia office or travel agency

Our companion service for minors provides you with the peace of mind of knowing that your child is in good hands when they have to travel alone. We supervise their safety and well-being from departure, on board and right up to arrival. We accompany them along with other children (always in small groups) to the plane, where the crew will look after them and ensure they sit calmly and as comfortably as possible for the flight. Upon arrival at their destination, we will hand the child over to the person authorised to collect them.
We also provide this service for connecting flights with the Iberia Group in Madrid, looking after anything unexpected that may occur and keeping you updated regarding arrival time.
Furthermore, during the stopover in Madrid, your child will wait in our UMs Lounge, where they can rest, have some juice, play games, watch films, etc.

On account of the special care they require, you must take into account the following requirements[Opens in a new window] and we also suggest checking our recommendations[Opens in a new window] for a more pleasant trip.

Step by step

Making a booking

service for children

Request this service through our website (depending on country), by telephone, or in person at the airport, depending on how far in advance you make your request.

  • Up to 72 hours before departure:
    At on business days from Monday to Friday (in countries where the service is available).

    By telephone: Serviberia .
  • Up to 24 hours before departure or for last-minute requests on Fridays for flights the following Monday morning:
    Contact Serviberia: or at our airport office.
  • Less than 24 hours before departure:
    You can only request the service in person at our airport offices, provided that the flight occupancy and the regulations for minors travelling alone permit it.

    Except for flights from London-Heathrow (Terminal 5), where requests must be made at least 48 hours before flight departure.

We recommend that you book far enough in advance to ensure you can avail of the service.

Save time by printing out our companion service form, which you can fill out and hand in to us at the airport: Compulsory Release of Liability.

Cost of the service per journey

Cost of the service per journey
Domestic flights (except Canary Islands) Europe, the Canary Islands, the Middle East and North Africa America, Asia and South Africa
€45/$55/£40 €70/$85/£65 €120/$145/£110

Cost of the service for flights with transfers(Iberia Group via Madrid)

Cost of the service for flights with transfers
With Domestic Connection (except Canary Islands) With Connection to/from
Canary Islands, European, Middle East and North Africa
With Connection to/from
America, Asia and South Africa
€70/$85/£65 €100/$120/£90 €150/$180/£135

You may request the service when making your booking and you will be charged when your ticket is issued unless you request it later as an additional service. In the latter event, the ticket will be re-issued to adapt the price to include the requested service.
Consider fluctuations in exchange rates when you request the service.
Different charges, fees or taxes may apply in accordance with the law in each country.

Coming to the airport

service for children

Accompany the child to the airport and make yourself known at any check-in desk about 2.5 hours before flight departure.

At the desk, our staff will check all documentation and will ask you for the Compulsory Release of Liability duly filled out and signed to authorise us to accompany your child during the flight and will check him or her in.
We are sorry but neither mobile nor online check-in is available for children travelling alone.

Check in all of the minor's baggage for their own comfort. It will be labelled as priority for preferential collection at their destination.
Their hand baggage must be small and light enough for them to carry without difficulty.

Once the child is checked in, our staff will show you where you should be and at what time for the minor to be accompanied to the plane, where they will be met by the crew.

At Madrid Airport, once checked in, you must go to the "Atención al Menor" meeting point, located next to the customer service office and next to check-in desk no. 829 (826-829 in high season), where you will be told what time your child will be collected.
If you rather, for flights from Madrid and at a selection of airports, you can accompany your child personally to the boarding gate. Make this request at any desk or at the "Atención al Menor" meeting point. As a companion, you must carry your valid passport or national ID.
Please remember that this service is only available at certain airports. You can check if this option is available at any Iberia check-in desk at your airport.

Procedure for service at London-Heathrow airport:
Please report to the check-in desks (E6 and E18) situated in Terminal 5, Departures, Zone E, two and a half hours before the departure of your flight. There, you will be asked for all the required documentation (Compulsory Release of Liability duly filled out and signed, copy of ticket, proof of payment for this service and national ID or passport) so it can be verified.

Remember that the person accompanying the child must remain at the airport until the plane takes off (up to 30 minutes afterwards at Heathrow). This information can be seen on the airport information screens. In addition, we send an SMS confirming flight departure.

IMPORTANT: The person responsible for the child at flight departure and the person collecting them at their final destination must be the people noted on the assistance form and they must show valid photo ID.

Travelling on board

minors service

Your child is our priority. They will board the plane first and be conveniently seated in the area near the auxiliary crew so they can have all the attention they need during the flight.

On long-haul flights, they can enjoy our onboard entertainment system, which includes films, cartoons and adapted audio programmes. The crew will activate “Parental control” on their screen so that they get age-suitable content.
We can also serve them our kiddy's menu on intercontinental flights until they are 12 years of age. If this is the case, remember to request it when making the booking or up to 24 hours before the trip.

We recommend that you tell your child, especially if they are an adolescent, that they should not change seat during the flight and that they should remain seated on arrival until the staff collect them.

Arrival at destination

minors service

On arrival, your child will disembark last. A member of our assistance staff will accompany them and hand them over to the person authorised to collect them at destination after requesting and being shown valid photo ID. Once their details have been checked, they must sign the consent form by which they accept custody of the child.
Previously, they will have received an SMS containing the estimated time of arrival for the flight.
If the minor has checked-in baggage, we will help them to collect it from the arrivals belt scheduled for the flight and manage it.

For minors with a connecting flight in Madrid, our staff will collect them and accompany them to the UMs Lounge, where they will remain until it is time to board their next flight.

If the flight is delayed or cancelled, we will provide priority care and assistance. We will make sure that the people whose details are noted on the Release of Liability are informed immediately of any change. The minor will be supervised and cared for at all times.

servicio niños

05 - 11 years old. Children travelling alone

If you want your child to travel alone or travel in a cabin different from you, you must purchase the special minor companion service.

servicio jóvenes

12 - 17 years old. Children who travel alone

If you want your child to travel alone even if the child is not considered a minor for us, you have a special, non-mandatory service available, from departure to arrival, including transfers when there are connections.

Exceptional cases

See the most usual queries regarding children travelling alone.

We try to resolve your queries through our FAQs regarding minors.

Identification on international flights

On international flights (European and other countries), as there is no standardised regulation, all minors (travelling accompanied or unaccompanied, regardless of their age) must present their own document, national identification card or passport, in addition to complying with the requirements of the destination country.

Some airport authorities allow minors travelling alone to an international destination to be accompanied to their boarding gate. In these cases, the adult companion will be treated as a passenger. He or she must therefore present a valid passport or national identity document to pass through border control and observe the authorisations and visa requirements for leaving and entering the country.

Shuttle Service

To be able to apply for a minor chaperone service via web, the minor must travel on a booked flight to or from Madrid/Barcelona. If you want them to travel on the shuttle, this will be processed directly at the time of the flight from our offices at the airport.
We therefore recommend you bring the Liability Waiver Form already completed to speed up the process.

Minors returning from schools outside of Spanish territory

In the case that your child goes to study abroad, we recommend that you provide your child personally or through the school's representative with the Liability Waiver for the minor's return already filled in so that the school only needs to sign and seal the waiver.
We have noticed on multiple occasions (especially in London and Boston airports), that the duly completed required documentation is not being provided. In these cases and for security reasons, Iberia reserves the right to deny flight access to the minor.

Flights within the United States

Within the territory of the United States children up to 14 years of age are considered minors and they must fly with an accompaniment service.

Flights to or from Mexico

All minors who travel alone or accompanied by a third person who is not one of their parents or legal guardian must present a document signed by both parents or by the person who has parental custody or guardianship before a notary or pertinent authority which attests that the minor is permitted to leave the national territory.

When it is a document granted abroad, it should be authorised or apostilled, depending on the case, with a translation (if in a language other than Spanish).

In the specific case of Spain, the police have an authorisation document especially for these cases.

Departure of unaccompanied minors (UM) from Geneva

Minors travelling alone from Geneva must be accompanied to the boarding gate by the guardian or person in charge of them. They will be given an escort boarding pass at the check-in desk so that they can go with the minor to the gate. They must then remain at the gate until the plane has taken off.

Unaccompanied minors traveling from Italy

All unaccompanied minors of Italian citizenship under the age of 14 that are traveling internationally are required to have the Individual passport and a document confirming that the minor has permission to travel as an unaccompanied minor, signed by the parent(s) or by the legal guardian(s) and authenticated by the Police Headquarters (Questura) and must include the name of the airline to which the minor is entrusted.

Departures from Spanish airports

Entry through to the boarding area is permitted to guardians or family members of minors under 12 who are travelling alone. Please ask for a Companions’ Card at the Iberia check-in desk. They will only be allowed access to accompany the minor to the boarding gate on the day and time of the flight. The adult companion should carry his/her valid passport or national identification card to pass through border control with the minor.

And remember

  • We take care of your child from the time the flight departs until it arrives at their destination.
  • Book sufficiently in advance.
  • Learn more about the documentation that they need to fly.
  • Take a look at our recommendations to make their journey as comfortable as possible.