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Passengers with special requirements

Barrier-free travel

necesidades especiales

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Passenger accessibility

Having air transport available is a right for individuals with disabilities and an obligation for airline companies to their customers. In Iberia, with the collaboration of individual country's Airport departments, we have revised processes to make your travels easier and we work daily on designing more accessible airplanes and specific procedures adapted to your needs. It is our great pleasure to constantly learn to better offer you the safe and comfortable journey that you deserve.

  • Aircraft accessibility.
  • Appropriate and specific measures and procedures for each case.
  • Specialised personnel with continued training processes.

Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM)

In air transport, current legislation defines a person with a disability or a Passenger with Reduced Mobility (PRM) as "any person whose mobility when using transport is reduced due to any physical disability (sensory or locomotor, permanent or temporary), intellectual disability or impairment, or any other cause of disability, or age, and whose situation needs appropriate attention and the adaptation to his or her particular needs of the service made available to all passenger" (art. 2 of EC Regulation 1107/06).

Travel without barriers: Iberia's commitment to individuals with disability

Offering air transport accessible to individuals with disabilities is an obligation for all airline companies. In Iberia we have made this a true service commitment and we have been adapting our airplanes and our processes to remove barriers and adapt to every need, closely following security regulations.

Suggestions to help you get ready for your trip

Plan your trip in advance and take into account all your needs. Ask Serviberia , where they will inform you and manage any special service requests that you may have. Let our specialists advise you.

Flying With your Wheelchair

Our policy is to try to place wheelchairs and other mobility assistive devices in the onboard containers and closets, but there are limitations on measurements and on the fleets on which they can be carried.
Below are the maximum dimensions of the onboard containers on the fleets

Special services for persons with disability or reduced mobility

  • • Transfers and accompaniment in airports. Transit through airports on occasions requires walking long distances or walking through installations that you are unfamiliar with and which may tire and/or disorient you.

During booking: Design your travel plan and request appropriate assistance

The ideal moment to request any special service is when you make the booking. Serviberia o Iberia Booking Centre in your country. Our agents, advised by the Iberia Medical Service, will provide you the information that you need, book the most appropriate seat available and request any additional services needed.

At the airport

Within the European Union, assistance for passengers with Reduced Mobility begins from the passenger's arrival at the airport, where you must contact the office in charge of the assistance service.


Our fleet is adapted to transport passengers with reduced mobility and, within the limits of size, the airplanes are prepared to adapt to more versatile forms of boarding and disembarking from the plane: by remote, by finger, through elevators or ambulift.

Upon arrival

If your flight ends in an airport in the European Union and you requested the wheelchair transfer or accompaniment with sufficient advance notice, at your flight’s arrival the company providing the service will have received the information with your name, flight number and arrival time and a description of the kind of assistance needed.

Application Regulations

Iberia is a European Community Airline Company with license issued in Spain, which is subject to European Union and Spanish regulations, national regulations and international treaties, as applicable, as well as regulations stipulated by international air transport organisations.

International standard on the transportation of persons with reduced mobility

We want to ensure that your needs are understood and addressed and that your safety and dignity are respected.


Travel with peace of mind. Ensure that all the services you require are organised so that everything is ready for you and you can enjoy your flight worry-free.

  • Request any special service that you may need at least 48 hours prior to the flight's scheduled departure.
  • Go to the airport meeting point to contact the assistance service at least two hours before your flight's departure.
  • When your trip includes one or more connecting flights, choose combinations with at least one and a half hour between arrival of the first flight and the departure of the next.