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Special baggage

These are items with particular characteristics which you can bring with you.

Ski equipment

For snow and water or a snowboard or a monoski.

Golf equipment

14 sticks, 12 balls and a pair of shoes.


Please fold down the handlebars, remove the pedals, take the air out of the wheels and pack it in one of the special boxes we will provide you with.

Skates, skateboard or scooter

You can carry them as long as they are not mechanical.

Other sports equipment

If they are within the sizes for hand luggage and comply with safety regulations, you can carry them in the cabin as part of your hand-luggage allowance

Surf, windsurf, kite board and bodyboard equipment

A board and/or chute with some exceptions regarding standard measurements.

More water sports equipment

Diving, fishing, inflatable rubber boat, life jacket/personal flotation device...

Air sports

Hang glider, paragliding equipment, parachuting equipment...

Musical instruments

Musical instruments that do not exceed the standard size of 30x120x38 cm. may be carried with you in the cabin.

Electric wheelchairs & mobility aids

They will be accepted in the hold as part of your free baggage allowance as long as they comply with certain requirements.

Fire arms

They will always go in the hold as they are dangerous goods, regardless of whether they are for hunting or sport.

Large and/or heavy equipment

Video and television equipment, musical instruments, industrial parts, etc.