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Finnair travel classes

Whether you’re travelling on business or for pleasure, you’ll always find the best option to suit your needs from Finnair travel classes.

Finnair’s Nordic Business Class

Discover the ultimate way to travel with our Nordic Business Class.

  • Enjoy delicious high-quality meals accompanied with carefully selected beverages
  • Business Class check-in and priority boarding make your travel faster and smoother
  • On intercontinental flights*, you can also enjoy full-flat beds, exquisite signature menus and cocktail list from Finnish top chefs and a personal amenity kit
  • *Please note that Finnair flights to Dubai are not classified as intercontinental flights and are mainly flown with Airbus A320 aircraft.

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Finnair Economy Class

Your flights feel like a breeze in our spacious Economy Class.

  • Delicious pre-order meals available on most flights in addition to coffee, tea and blueberry juice
  • Add extra comfort with an Economy Comfort package
  • On intercontinental flights, you can also enjoy complimentary meals and snacks and personal in-flight entertainment system

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