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On the surface, Tokyo might seem like any big metropolis. Its towering skyscrapers, bright lights and late-night lifestyle wouldn’t seem out of place in New York or London. But look a little closer, and Tokyo’s unique identity becomes clear. Holding tightly to tradition while championing the ultra-modern is this city’s forte. Here you can watch the ancient sport of sumo wrestling before hopping on a high-speed bullet train to visit Mount Fuji.

Fly to Tokyo with British Airways to experience the old and new in one trip. The Shibuya Crossing is a great place to start your adventure. Join hundreds of commuters, shoppers and revellers making their way across the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. Then escape the chaos by visiting one of the city’s many temples and shrines. They offer a window back in time to Tokyo before the cat cafes, eccentric Harajuku fashion and eclectic line-up of museums. So does the Kabuki Theater, where performers wear elaborate make-up and costumes that date back to the 1600s. Book your holiday to Tokyo now.

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