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Flights to Corsica

Uncover France’s treasured island

Flight time from London

2 hrs 30 mins

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Distance from London

799 miles

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Set a course for Corsica on a British Airways flight. If you’re looking for a summer holiday somewhere beautiful and a little bit quieter, book one of our direct flights to Corsica from London. In the summer months British Airways flies once a week to Figari airport, in the south of the island, perfect if you’re seeking a blissful week-long holiday in the sun.

Proud Corsica is a French island with a fierce independent streak. Not for nothing is Napoleon its most famous export. This Mediterranean island is where the French go in their downtime, and they guard it like a close secret.

Book your Corsica holidays. What this island lacks in French finesse, it more than makes up for in craggy beauty and seductive sunsets. Before you discover its wild shores, have a very civilised flight with our award-winning service, and arrive refreshed and ready to relax.

London to Corsica: Flight time 2 hours  25 minutes


flight time to Corsica


Flights to Corsica

Nature lovers, hikers, explorers and beach-seekers, start your holiday when you fly into a Corsica airport with British Airways. Flights to Corsica are from London Heathrow (LHR) to Figari Sud-Corse Aiport Corsica (FSC), the southernmost of the island’s four main airports. Our economy class offers excellent value for money. Business class offers premium levels of comfort and service.

Corsica offers

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from London, September 2019

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A flyer's guide: Tips for flying to Corsica

Everything you need to know before you fly to Corsica from London with British Airways.

When is it best to fly to Corsica?

British Airways has flights in the summer months only to Corsica. Weather on the island is the most stable, but breezy, in late summer with an average daily high of around thirty degrees on the coast, though it’s cooler in the mountains. It can get very busy in July and especially August, when plenty of French and Italian families visit. The cheapest flights are at the beginning and the end of the summer.

How long does it take to fly to Corsica from London?

Flying from London Heathrow to Corsica takes around two and a half hours.

What’s the best way for onward travel from Figari airport?

Our flights land in Figari airport on the southern tip of the island, just five minutes outside Figari town and not far from the popular towns of Porto Vecchio and Bonifacio. It takes a maximum of around three hours to reach most places on the island. It takes around two and a half hours to drive to Ajaccio from Figari and around three hours to drive to the north of the island.

Do I need a visa for Corsica?

If you’re travelling on a European Union (EU) passport you will not need a passport to visit Corsica. Those from countries outside the EU may need to apply for a visa in advance of your trip. You can find out more information, check your visa requirements and apply by visiting the IATA Travel Centre.

Sailing boat on the beach in Corsica. ©eugeneserge

How many bags can I check in on my flight?

Take advantage of British Airway’s generous baggage allowance. If you book standard economy you can check in one bag each, weighing up to 23kg in addition to taking on a handbag or laptop bag and one other carry-on bag. If you’re travelling in business class you can check in two bags at 32kg each. Families travelling with young children in either class can also check in one car seat and one fully collapsible pushchair.

Read our baggage guide to answer your specific queries.

Which cabins can I book when I fly with British Airways?


Which cabins can I book when I fly with British Airways?

Our economy cabins are a good budget option, with a range of wallet-friendly fares:

  • Basic offers the cheapest fare, with hand-baggage only.
  • Plus includes a checked baggage allowance, and allows flight changes on departure day.
  • Plus Flex includes checked baggage plus a full refund for cancellations. Changes to flights can be made up to an hour before take-off.

Business cabins are located at the front of the plane, with the middle seat kept free for extra legroom and added comfort.

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Corsica tips

Our Corsica hints and tips will have you feeling like a local in no time.

What language is spoken?

French is the official language in Corsica. However, most people also speak Corsican, which is taught in schools. This language is closer to medieval Tuscan Italian than French. The island is very used to visitors and you’ll find most towns tourist-friendly. Don’t feel the need to become fluent for a week-long trip.

What does the Corsica flag represent?

You’ll see the design of the Corsican emblem around the island and it might cause you to do a double-take. It shows the head of a Moroccan man in profile, with a white bandana. The design has been used for many centuries and has a complicated origin. It may represent a captured enemy, but there’s also an argument that the image could derive from images of Saint Maurice, believed to have African ancestry.

Weather in Corsica

Corsica is not as hot as you might expect. Profiting from its mountains and sea breeze, it’s balmy rather than stifling. Its August temperature has an average high of 29 degrees and in the late spring you’ll get a sunny 22 degrees. Inland in the mountains it is several degrees colder than on the shore. Explorers: pack your layers and waterproofs.

Where to stay

With 200 beaches, and a whole lot of beautiful coastline, it’s difficult to decide where to stay in Corsica. Villas provide peace, quiet and privacy on a family holiday, whilst there are luxury resorts across the island. Stay near Ajaccio, the capital or join the jetsetters in swanky Bonifacio. If you’re looking for hotels near the beach, the town of Porto Vecchio is surrounded by soft, curving coves.

What to eat

Thanks to the French visitors, Corsica’s restaurants cook to a high standard and you’ll easily find Gallic cuisine. There are also plenty of Italian restaurants for when you’re craving a stone-baked pizza. Corsicans are brave with flavour and local specialities are all rather pungent – strong sheep’s cheese and delicious spicy sausage are sold at most markets.

Things to do

You can’t leave Corsica without experiencing ‘true’ Corsican culture. Drive inland to the citadel-topped town of Corte. The island’s old capital is evocative and traditional and from here there are walking trails and canyoning excursions into the surrounding mountains.

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