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Holidays by BA

Holidays by BA
Explanation of flight class
Ticket type

2 Adults, 1 Room

Explanation of flight class
Ticket type
Explanation of ticket type

2 Adults, 1 Room

Explanation of flight class
Ticket type
Explanation of ticket type

1 Adult


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Hold your flight price

tick.You can now hold your flights and the price for up to 72 hours. 

tick.Shorthaul flights can be held for a deposit of £5 ($5/€5) per person and longhaul flights for £10 ($10/€10) per person.*

tick.Once you pay for your booking, we’ll refund your deposit.

*Prices will be converted from pounds sterling into other currencies at the time of holding flights and price.



The price won’t go up

Your flights won’t sell out and the price won’t go up while you make your decision.

If the taxes, fees and charges go down, the total price you pay will go down too. If they go up while your booking is on hold, British Airways will cover the cost. 

How it works

1. Look out for this information on the price page once you have made your flight selection.


Example hold your flight price banner

  • You can hold a flight price on eligible British Airways and Iberia flights.
  • If you don’t see this information then, unfortunately, you cannot hold the booking.

2. You will have the option of logging in or registering.

3. Then you will be asked to pay the fee to hold your booking.

4. Finally, you will be sent an email confirming that your booking is held, with a link to your booking.


How to access your booking

You can come back to your booking, which is on hold, at anytime within the 72 hours by:

Destinations which are excluded

Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to include every departure point to begin with, so these are the destinations which are excluded.

BA flights departing from
Antigua and Barbuda Nigeria
Argentina Norway (coming soon)
Barbados Pakistan
Denmark (coming soon) Sierra Leone
Dominican Republic St Kitts & Nevis
Egypt St Lucia
India St Vincent & Grenadines
Israel (coming soon) Sweden (coming soon)
Liberia Syria
Mexico Trinidad & Tobago
Iberia flights departing from
Bolivia Panama
Colombia Paraguay
Costa Rica Peru
Ecuador Uruguay
Equatorial Guinea Venezuela
El Salvador Vietnam

Terms and Conditions

  • Not available for flights departing within 21 days.
  • Not available for flight+hotel or flight+car rental bookings.
  • Cash & Avios / discounts and donations can’t be used when holding a booking
  • Dates, journey or passenger mix cannot be changed once flights are held. You can however, change passenger names.
collapsedshowFull Terms and Conditions
  1. Hold Bookings are available on selected British Airways and Iberia operated flights booked through which are booked 21 days before the intended date of travel.
  2. Redemption bookings paid for by the use of Avios are not eligible for the Hold Booking process.
  3. Payment of the Hold Booking Fee will hold your reservation for the Hold Booking Period. The Hold Booking Fee is payable per person nominated on the booking, excluding infants under the age of 2 years. Please note that to be classed as an "infant" and to travel on an Infant Ticket, the infant must be under 2 years of age at the time of travel on all flights within the itinerary.
  4. If the Hold Booking is confirmed and the Payment to Confirm Held Booking is paid for in full within the Hold Booking Period, the Hold Booking Fee will be refunded within 21 days of the full payment being made, in a separate transaction, and back to the payment method used for making the Hold Booking Fee payment. All fares held within the same Hold Booking must be confirmed and paid for in full at the same time during the Hold Booking Period.
  5. Hold Bookings may be confirmed within the Hold Booking Period online through or offline by calling the number relevant to your country of residence, as can be found on our Contact us page. If confirmed offline, confirmation of Hold Bookings will be subject to a booking fee that is variable depending on the country that you are booking from. Payment may not be made in person for a Hold Booking, unless the booking is to a destination in West Africa in which case you may be required to pay in person.
  6. If the Hold Booking is not confirmed and the Payment to Confirm Held Booking is not paid in full within the Hold Booking Period, the held fares will be released and the Hold Fee will not be refunded.
  7. Changes may not be made to a Hold Booking during the Hold Booking Period. In the event you need to change your reservation details (in terms of passenger type (adult/child fare), passenger numbers, route, flight or date), you may cancel or allow the Hold Booking Period to lapse before entering a new reservation. The Hold Booking Fee would not be refunded. If changes to your reservation in terms of changes to flight, class, dates and passenger details are made after the Hold Booking has been confirmed and the Payment to Confirm Held Booking has been paid, these changes will be subject to any change fee criteria itemised in the Fare Conditions as applicable to your booking.
  8. In case of the flights purchased from the United States of America, provided that travel is more than one week from the date of payment of the Payment to Confirm Held Booking, the Payment to Confirm Held Booking and the Hold Booking Fee will be refunded in full if you elect to cancel your confirmed booking within 24 hours of the time you make the Payment to Confirm Held Booking and inform BA of this fact within the same 24 hour period.  You can inform BA by calling 800-AIRWAYS.
  9. At the time of the Hold Booking Fee being paid, the fare and Carrier Imposed Charges or Fuel Surcharge, where applicable, are fixed for the Hold Booking Period. Third party taxes, fees and charges are levied by airport operators, governments, other authorities or other airlines, and will be calculated at the time of final payment of the full fare amount, and the price of the ticket may therefore change from that indicated at the time of payment of the Hold Booking Fee. Taxes, fees and carrier imposed charges change constantly and can be imposed or altered after the date we have issued your ticket. If they change or if a new tax, fee or charge is imposed after we have issued your ticket, you may have to pay us any increase. Similarly, if any taxes, fees or charges you pay to us when we issue the ticket are then abolished or reduced, you will be entitled to claim a refund from us. If you are a resident of, and your flight departs from, the Federal Republic of Germany, any increase in taxes, fees or charges will not be applied in the period of 4 months from the date of purchase of the ticket. Some airports may levy additional local taxes, fees or charges against passengers upon arrival or departure. These are not included in the price of your ticket and should be paid locally. Government and/or airport taxes are refundable, however some countries will apply a Value Added Tax, Sales Tax or equivalent, which will only be refunded on fully flexible tickets.
  10. Hold Bookings are not eligible for seat reservations, upgrades or excess baggage purchases prior to confirmation.
  11. In the event that during the Hold Booking Period an involuntary reschedule or cancellation is applied to your booking by BA, you will be offered an alternative. The alternative offer will be conveyed to you by a notification in the “Manage my Booking” portal of your account (for reschedules), or by email or telephone for cancellations. Should the alternative offer not be to your satisfaction, you will be entitled to cancel the Hold Booking and The Hold Booking Fee would be refunded.
  12. Avios discounts, donations or e-vouchers may not be used towards or in full payment of the Hold Booking Fee.
  13. Avios and Tier Points cannot be earned on Hold Bookings but can be earnt if eligible, once the Hold Booking has been confirmed and the Payment to Confirm Held Booking has been made.
  14. BA reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions at any time.