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Avios – our Club currency

Avios is the reward currency of the Club

When you join the Executive Club, you’ll collect reward points with us and our partners. We call them Avios.

You collect Avios when you book flights, hotel stays and car hire with us and our partners.

And when you’ve collected enough, you can spend your Avios for rewards such as flights, upgrades, hotel stays, car hire and more.

Becoming a Member is rewarding, no matter how often you fly.


Claim missing Avios

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If you find you’re missing some Avios or Tier Points on your account you can claim them back within six months of your flight. New members can even claim Avios and Tier Points for any British Airways flights flown in the three months before joining.

You can claim for most flights using our online claim form. You'll need to know your ticket number.

How do I find my ticket number?

Call your local Service Centre if:

  • you can't find your ticket number
  • you are claiming for an upgrade that was paid for with money or Avios over the phone, or with cash at the airport
  • you are claiming after being re-routed on to another service with another carrier.
Claim missing Avios

Keeping your Avios active

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You don't have to worry about losing your Avios. They won't expire if you collect, spend, buy or transfer at least one Avios every 36 months.

With so many ways to collect and spend, it couldn't be easier.