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Book with and collect between 5 and 20 Avios for every GBP you spend

Collect Avios faster than ever before when you book any of the 300,000+ hotels on Great rates and fantastic rewards await, with a vast range of hotels available worldwide.

There is no limit to how many Avios you can collect, so enjoy up to 10,000 Avios or more per night at premium hotels. Book with and bring your next reward flight even closer.

How to collect Avios with

  1. Find and book your hotel at
  2. Enter your British Airways Exective Club membership number on the payment page.
  3. Collect between 5 and 20 Avios for every GBP (or equivalent in foreign currency) spent.
  4. Your Avios will be awarded to your Account 10 days after the end of your hotel stay.
  5. If you have not received your Avios credit 10 days after completion of your hotel stay, please contact Include as many booking details as possible (hotel name, check-in/check-out dates, guest name) and your British Airways Executive Club membership number.

Visit for more details and Terms and Conditions