15 reasons to fly Club World

As told to Harriet Cooper

Photography by Nick Morrish

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April 2018

Whether you’re on business, looking for a little ‘me’ time, hoping to get some all-important sleep before you arrive at your destination, or perhaps planning a fine-dining experience, our Club World cabin and service are made with you in mind. Here are our three expert insiders’ tips and thoughts on what makes it so special.

The sleep expert

Chrissie Rucker OBE, founder of The White Company


Sweet dreams

Creating the best possible sleeping experience has been at the heart of what we do at The White Company for the last 23 years. We’re passionate about our customer experience and renowned for our meticulous attention to detail. When British Airways asked us to help with this exciting project for Club World we were delighted, because we knew we could help customers truly sleep well in the sky.

A serious bit of kit

All the elements in our Club World amenity kits were selected to work well together. Start your journey with our Spa Relax Pulse Point Oil, which contains gentle essential oils of calming lavender and cooling clary sage to aid relaxation. Flying is quite dehydrating, so we’ve included our Spa Restore Gentle Moisturiser and a Luxury Lip Balm to boost hydration. The moisturiser, with its warming geranium and re-energising eucalyptus, is also great before disembarking as it's rejuvenating.

For your eyes only

Many of our friends have told us our new oversized eye mask – which really blocks out the light and has a super-soft padded lining for comfort – is the best they have experienced in the sky. We worked hard to make sure it isn’t too tight.

Sleeping well is vital for wellbeing – it restores the body, refreshes the mind and helps boost the immune system.

Comfort zone

Sleeping well is vital for wellbeing. It restores the body, refreshes the mind and helps boost the immune system. Our goal throughout the design process of our Club World bedding was to make the sleeping experience as comfortable as possible. We’re particularly pleased to introduce the fuller-size pillow, plus the cotton quilted base layer for extra comfort. The luxurious quilted duvet moulds beautifully to the body and the soft-to-the-touch blanket provides a flexible extra layer.

Pillow talk

The pillowcase is made from 200-thread-count pure cotton so it feels really comfortable. We chose a super-soft hollow fibre filling because we wanted it to feel as close as possible to a luxury down pillow, whilst also being hypoallergenic and therefore suitable for all.

  • Enjoy some downtime with a glass of wine on board © Nick Morrish.

    Did you know…?

    Club World customers consume more than 30,000 bottles of Champagne every year.

    See our drinks menu
  • Indulge and pamper yourself with your amenity kit © Nick Morrish.

    Wakey, wakey

    The White Company kit includes a special skin-conditioning cream with vitamin E and jojoba oil to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated when you wake.

    Discover Club World
  • Get a good night’s rest on our dedicated sleeper service © Nick Morrish.

    40 winks

    We’ll ask you what you’d like for breakfast just after you board, so we can leave you to get your all-important rest until it’s time to wake up.

    Try our jet lag app

The food connoisseur

Sinead Ferguson, British Airways menu design manager


Better by design

The main aim when planning the new Club World dining experience was to deliver a complete refresh. We had significant investment in Club World equipment, marrying the best elements of British heritage, such as our new cut-glass crystal tumbler, with stylish, contemporary design, such as our stemless champagne flute and lightweight fine china.

At your service

The new Club World dining experience is a more personalised, thoughtful service. It demonstrates that we’re investing in the customer with refreshed menus, which showcase the best of British products.

We look for fresh, seasonal, high-quality ingredients – provenance is key.

Keeping it fresh

We have key menu design principles all our caterers need to adhere to. We look for fresh, seasonal, high-quality ingredients – provenance is key. We also know that your ability to taste at altitude is reduced, so we encourage suppliers to counteract that by incorporating umami-rich ingredients. And we make sure the menus are designed so they are visually appealing, as well as tasting great.

Something for everyone

We are very much aware of the changes in dietary requirements and we always balance the menu to ensure it includes both comfort dishes and wellbeing meals. We also offer a range of 12 special meals. We understand that the demand for gluten-free and vegan options is growing, so we’ve adapted our special meal menus to introduce variety and choice for all.

All in the delivery

The Club World service is thoughtfully designed to help you make the most of your journey. The individual hand service allows the crew to interact with the customer much more. Our crew have been on an in-depth training course to support the new Club World. Part of that focuses on the food delivery and gives the crew the confidence to talk about specific dishes.

  • Dine in mile-high style with our delicious menu © Nick Morrish.

    Be our guest

    Choose your own starter and dessert from our display trolley service and enjoy the extra-special touches from our meal place settings – such as cut-glass crystal tumblers.

    Choose your meal

The service specialist

Paul Hudspith, British Airways cabin crew


Catch some Zs

We know passengers value their sleep – there’s no substitute for having sufficient rest for the day ahead – so our Sleeper Service on selected night flights has been designed to create a discreet and hushed ambience. Everything that can be, is presented before take-off, including blankets and amenity kits, enabling passengers to get down to the business of sleep without delay.

Top of the morning

The service on night flights is designed to be elegant and unfussy, so everyone can obtain maximum rest. Our breakfast preference cards, for example, allow you to inform the crew that you wish to be left to sleep for the entire flight, woken up for breakfast or just for a wake-me-up drink during descent. It’s a more nuanced breakfast service for our busiest customers.

Light relief

In Club World, there’s an emphasis on keeping the lighting at a level which induces maximum relaxation and therefore sleep. If the lights are bright and then they’re suddenly switched off, you’re going to find it harder. So the lighting in Club World is ambient from the start – the only time we increase it is during the safety video and securing the cabin for take-off.

An integral feature of the new service is a personal welcome – we want our customers to feel they’ve arrived ‘home’.

Just for starters

The meal service is transformed. The biggest single difference is how the crew deliver to the customer, with personal hand-delivered service, the customers have choice of a full range of starters, main course, desserts and cheeses. Customers get to choose what they are about to eat. The whole presentation is as much about the individual experience as it is about the improved menu.

Back to school

British Airways has committed a huge investment to the new Club World, and this includes investment in the people delivering it. All the cabin crew have been given two days of training, which means they are fully aware of what Club World passengers expect. For example, an integral feature of the new service is a personal welcome – we want our customers to feel they’ve arrived ‘home’.

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