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Guidance and Issues When Making Reservations

For Passengers Requesting Special In-flight Meals (International Flights Only)

JAL offers a wide range of special meals for those with health or religious dietary requirements. We also provide special meals for infants and small children, so feel free to tell us your meals. If you wish to request a special meal, please contact our Reservations office 24 hours prior to departure. Also, as certain meal ingredients may take up to 72 hours advance notice to procure, please make your meal request as early as possible prior to departure.

  • * Not available on some routes with meal service.
  • * When changing a flight reservation, be sure to reconfirm any special meal requests at the same time
Vegetarian Meal (Non-egg, Non-dairy)

This meal is for strict vegetarians who do not eat any animal protein such as meat, eggs, or milk products. It contains no root vegetables.

Vegetarian Meal (Eggs and Dairy OK)

This meal is for those vegetarians who do not eat meat, but eat eggs and dairy products.

Vegetarian Meal (Raw Foods)

Meals prepared with raw vegetables and fruits.

Diabetic Meal

Diabetic meals are available for customers who need to keep their blood sugar level under control. This meal contains increased complex carbohydrates, high fiber, low fat and calories. It is suitable for both noninsulin and insulin dependent diabetics.

Low Cholesterol / Low Fat Meal

This meal is available for customers who are concerned with or are monitoring high cholesterol and or high blood fat levels. This meal consists of lots of high fiber ingredients and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Low Calorie Meal

This meal is available for customers who are reducing their caloric intake. This meal contains lean meats, low fat dairy products and high fiber food. It avoids fried food, added fats, oils and sugar.

Gluten Intolerant Meal

Gluten Intolerant Meals are available for those customers who need to limit their intake of gluten, a substance found in wheat, rye, barley and oats. Gluten intolerant customers usually suffer from a condition know as Celiac disease.

Non Lactose Meals

This meal avoids lactose, dairy and milk.

Low Sodium, No Salt Added Meals

Low sodium meals are available for customers who have diseases ranging from heart disease, high blood pressure to kidney failure. This meal is prepared without salt and highly salted foods are omitted.

Bland/Soft Meal

This meal contains easily digest ive plain poached/broiled foods. This meal is suitable for passengers with stomach/intestinal problems.