Global service fees

If you need to make a change to your booking, cancel your flight or buy new tickets then you may have to pay a service fee. Service fees are best explained as handling charges for processing the changes for you.

Please be aware that you may incur other charges in addition to the below service fees. For example, you may also have to pay a change fee, a cancellation fee or the difference in the price of a new ticket. The amount you pay depends on many different factors, such as which country you are in when you make or change your booking, or how flexible your ticket is.

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If you have a booking already, you may be able to change the date or time of your flight now using Manage My Booking. You can also find out if you can do this for free or if there is a charge.

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To calculate the service fees that are payable, select your answers to the questions below and then click the "Calculate fees" button.



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Service fee payable

Key information about the Service Fees displayed above

The values displayed are Service Fees only and are to be used as a guide only. Any extra fare penalties would be advised at the time of making your change or refund.

These service fees apply when a change is made to a booking, irrespective of where the ticket was originally purchased. For example, if you make a booking through in the USA and then make a change to your booking through our UK Contact Centre, the service fee applied would be that relevant to our UK Contact Centre, and not the service fee for in the USA.

If you see a price range in your results, like "50 to 150 (USD)", then the fee payable could be dependent on cabin class, fare price and/or local laws.

These fees are applied on a per ticket basis. This is opposed to a per booking basis, which may incorporate a number of tickets and travellers. It should also be noted that these service fees do not vary for young adults, children or infants.

Please be aware that changes to your ticket may incur an additional payment dependent on the terms and conditions at the time of booking. Your refund would also be calculated in accordance with the fare rules and tariffs applicable to your ticket.

Like many airlines, we are unable to accept cash payments at many of the airports we operate from, including London Heathrow, Gatwick and North America. Please check with a member of our staff at the airport to find out if options are available for converting cash to a payment card.