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Flights to Chennai

Culture at the coast

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Book flights to Chennai

When you land in Chennai, you’ll quickly discover that this coastal city boasts some of the best stretches of sand on India’s east coast. The capital of Tamil Nadu, the country’s southernmost state, is packed with cultural credentials too. Chennai is home to centuries-old buildings, Tamil cinema – known locally as Kollywood – and an annual two-month long music festival that showcases some of India’s best musical talent.

Fly to Chennai with British Airways and you’re on the doorstep of one of world’s longest beach promenades. Marina Beach stretches out for miles, and there's plenty here to keep you busy when you’re not relaxing on the sand. Keep an eye out for statues, street food stalls and activities for children. Away from the shoreline, Chennai has a list of temples worth a visit, including the artistic wonder of Marundheeswara, built in the 11th century, and the Ekambareswarar Temple, located just outside of the city. Cricket is also very popular in Chennai – if you’re a fan, make time to see a match at MA Chidambaram Stadium, the second largest cricket stadium in the country. Book your flight to Chennai today.

Chennai flight FAQs

How long is a flight to Chennai?

A flight from London to Chennai takes approximately ten hours and 15 minutes.

What’s the cheapest month to fly to Chennai?

Chennai welcomes lots of tourists between January to March when the weather is at its best – the temperatures are lower and monsoon season is over. This can mean prices are more expensive, so check dates outside of this period to see if you can save. Use our low fare finder to start your search.

When’s the best time to visit Chennai?

Head to Chennai in the first months of the year for the best weather. Lots of cultural festivals also take place at this time, so there’s plenty to keep you busy outside of exploring. Temperatures rise from March to June, but this can still be a good time to visit if you don’t mind the humidity. Avoid June to November if you don’t want to get caught in the region’s monsoon season.

Is Chennai cheap to visit?

A trip to Chennai can fit whatever budget you’re working with. You can find everything from food to accommodation at a range of prices in India, so you can decide what you’d prefer to splash out on. You'll pay more for the likes of hotels with air conditioning and meals in restaurants rather than basic accomodation and snacks from food stalls. There’s also lots to see for free or for a small entry fee, including musuems, temples and galleries.

Is it easy to get around Chennai?

The easiest way to get to Chennai’s city centre from the airport is by metro, which takes about 50 minutes. The cost will depend on the distance you’re travelling. You can also take a bus or taxi – just make sure to check the price of your cab journey before you set off. It takes about 45 minutes.

Why visit Chennai?

There are so many exciting places to visit in India, and Chennai deserves a place on that list. The city shows off some of India’s cultural highlights, including classical Carnatic music and spiritual buildings catering for followers of a variety of religions. Chennai’s beachfront location gives it a laid-back vibe and excellent sunset views, while the city centre is packed with sari shops, markets, restaurants and bars.

Why fly British Airways to Chennai?

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Chennai Travel Essentials

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