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Flights and holidays to Hungary

Самые недорогие рейсы в оба конца


Ландшафты Венгрии поражают своим разнообразием: гористая северная часть сменяется равнинами на юге. С исторической точки зрения Венгрия тоже богата достопримечательностями. Здесь Вы найдете остатки поселений и крепости римской эпохи, а также образцы архитектуры коммунистической эры. Приятно проведите время в знаменитых купальнях Будапешта и попробуйте традиционный венгерский гуляш, в котором тушеная говядина оттеняется паприкой.

Holidays in Hungary

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Our recommended holidays in Hungary

The capital, Budapest, was once three separate cities. Today they are areas within the city: the castle district of Buda, commercial Pest and Roman Obuda. To the south-west of the capital you'll find Lake Balaton, popular for its thermal springs. The mountainous north-east of the country is renowned for skiing, regional Tokaj wines and the UNESCO-listed Aggtelek National Park and its stalactite caves.

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City breaks in Hungary

Start your trip in Budapest, where the ground slopes dramatically down from Buda's Castle Hill, on one side of the River Danube, across to bustling Pest. Journey south to discover the UNESCO-listed, attractive town of Pecs, full of Roman, Early Christian and Turkish remains. Eger is one of the country's oldest towns and boasts Baroque architecture and a Turkish minaret.

Things to do in Hungary

Discover old Hungary in the UNESCO-listed Hortobágy National Park. Hike and ski in the Matra and Bukk Mountains, or enjoy Lake Balaton for its swimming, partying and spa life. Even the capital, Budapest, has rural pockets from the caves in the Buda Hills to Esztergom.

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Legend has it that the geothermalwaters have natural healing powers.Why not try it for yourself?

Christopher Beanland,  Journalist

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