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Veja o que pode levar no seu voo

Flying to or from Algiers? The purchase of additional baggage is currently unavailable online, from our call centres or at the airport on flights to and from Algiers (this excludes any free baggage allowance included in your ticket).

Precisa de levar mais bagagem no seu voo?

If you need to travel with more bags than your free British Airways baggage allowance permits, you can pay to add more by logging in to Manage My Booking.

Everything you need to know about baggage

Viajar em companhias aéreas parceiras

Se o número do seu voo começar por outras letras diferentes de "BA" (por exemplo, AA123456X), vai viajar com uma das nossa companhias aéreas parceiras e os limites de bagagem podem ser diferentes.

If a journey with connecting flights includes ‘BA’ and other airline codes, your baggage allowance is generally determined by the airline that operates the longest flight in your itinerary.