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At OpenSkies we take great care in ensuring that your child travelling alone receives all the attention they need to make sure they have a safe and fun flight.

Children up to the age of 12 years can fly with us if they are accompanied by someone 16 years or older, or they can travel alone using our OpenSkies Solo Flyer service. The person accompanying your child may be a family member or an appointed guardian.

Solo Flyer service

Solo Flyer, is our dedicated service giving you peace of mind that your child will be looked after throughout their journey with OpenSkies.

 Age of child Can you use our Solo Flyer service?
Under 5 years Solo Flyer is unavailable; your child must travel with someone over the age of 16 years.
6-11 years You must book Solo Flyer. Contact OpenSkies to make your booking.
12-17 years Your child can travel alone or use the Solo Flyer service. Contact OpenSkies if you would like to make a booking.

Your child’s journey with Solo Flyer

By booking our Solo Flyer service, our staff will accompany your child throughout their journey until they are collected by your nominated adult or transferring airline.

At the airport

  • You will need to complete a declaration form at the airport which must include this information.
  • We will need to verify your child’s travel documents.
  • A staff member will take your child to the aircraft where our cabin crew will look after them.
  • Please stay at the airport until you are sure your child’s flight has departed.


On board

Our cabin crew will look after your child for the duration of the flight.


On arrival

Our ground staff or our appointed handling agents will accompany your child from the aircraft, through the arrival gates, to meet the person designated to collect them, or the airline your child is transferring to. If the person collecting your child is delayed, it is essential that you let us know, as our hours of operation can be limited at some airports.

The safety and security of your child is of utmost importance and we do ask for identification of the person collecting your child to make sure it is the person you have asked to meet them. Therefore, please ensure they know to bring formal identification with them.

How much will the Solo Flyer service cost?

On an OpenSkies flight in addition to buying an adult ticket for your child you will have to pay a Solo Flyer service fee.

Solo Flyer service fees
Travel originating from: Amount per child each way
USD 150
Rate will be converted on the day of booking 


Other partner airlines may have different regulations, age limits and charges so please check with them directly.

Solo Flyer service booking information

  • You can only book our Solo Flyer service through the OpenSkies call centre or with your travel agent. You cannot book this online.
  • You need to request the Solo Flyer service at the time of booking and preferably at least 48 hours in advance of travelling.
  • We require information regarding who is accompanying the child to the departure airport and who will be meeting the child on arrival.
  • You will need to pay the Solo Flyer fee at the same time you make your flight booking. If this is not done together you will be charged a fee to cancel your flight and reissue your ticket.
  • All flights must be confirmed at the time of booking.
  • If you are booking through your travel agent, remember you will need your child’s passport details.
  • It is important to check that all visas and other necessary requirements have been completed.

Contact OpenSkies

Contact the local authorities of the countries your child is travelling to or from to ensure you know what regulations, documentation and visas they will need.