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Best Western® Hotels & Resorts


Whether you’re on a quick escape or the trip of a lifetime, enjoy Best Western Hotels & Resorts comfort in over 100 countries. You’ll collect Avios as you relax, so your next getaway comes around even faster.

  • Collect 500 Avios every time you book via
  • Or if you’re a Best Western Rewards® member, you can convert your existing points into Avios. Get 1,000 Avios for every 5,000 Best Western Rewards points transferred.
  • Enjoy unique hotels with spacious rooms, top-quality food, and high-speed internet.

How to collect Avios with Best Western Hotels & Resorts

  1. Create a Best Western Rewards Account.
  2. Add your British Airways Executive Club membership number to your Best Western Rewards Account, then select Avios as your points preference.
  3. Search, find and book your stay.

Make a reservation

Already collecting Best Western Rewards points?

You can turn your existing Best Western Rewards points into Avios. Simply login to your Best Western Rewards account and convert your points. You'll get 1,000 Avios for every 5,000 Best Western Rewards points you swap.

Convert your Best Western Rewards points for Avios
collapsedshowTerms and Conditions
  1. Customers must be a member of the Best Western Rewards programme and select British Airways Executive Club (BAEC) as their collection preference in order to collect Avios.
  2. Customers can also collect Best Western Rewards (BWR) points, but not Avios and BWR points simultaneously.
  3. To collect Avios directly, add your BAEC membership number to your Best Western Rewards account and select BAEC as the collection preference online or via phone. Customers will collect 500 Avios per eligible stay[1].
  4. Alternatively, customers can convert their Best Western Rewards points into Avios at a rate of 5 Best Western rewards points to 1 Avios, with a minimum conversion rate of 5,000 Best West rewards points.
  5. Best Western Rewards points are collected at a global rate of 10 Best Western Rewards points per $1.00 US dollar.
  6. Any applicable cancellation policy will apply in full to all bookings.
  7. Avios will be credited to your BAEC account within approximately 3 to 6 weeks.
  8. If customers have any queries regarding missing Avios then please contact
  9. Customers can retrospectively collect Avios for one year after they have completed their stay by contacting and quoting their membership number and Booking ID.
  10. Best Western Terms and Conditions apply, please see here
  11. Cancelled reservations or no-shows reservations will not collect Avios.
  12. Avios are issued and redeemed in accordance with Avios Terms and Conditions, for further details please visit

[1] All stays are eligible to collect Best Western rewards points or Avios (“Eligible Stays”) with the exception of the following (“Non-Eligible Stays”):

  • Stays booked through online travel agencies (“OTAs”), such as,,,, (i.e., channels other than Best Western branded booking channels);
  • Stays booked through tour operators; and

Stays booked at special discounted rates, such as employee rates, FIT/wholesale/net rates, motor coach/bus rates, crew rates, BWR free night awards rates (FX rates), or discounted rates for stays longer than thirty (30) nights.