Delayed, lost and damaged baggage

Making baggage claims

We're sorry that your baggage was lost or damaged. We're here to help you resolve the problem or make a claim.

What to check before making a claim

1. Have you reported your baggage problem?

Please ensure you have reported your problem and have your report reference to hand. In order to make a claim, you must have reported the problem within these set deadlines:

  • Missing bags – within 21 days of the bag going missing
  • Damaged bags or contents – within 7 days of receiving your bag
Report your problem

2. Have you checked your travel insurance?

A personal policy will likely provide a greater level of cover than we can offer so we recommend you contact your insurer first. Please contact our Customer Relations team if you require proof of loss, damage or delay to your baggage in support of your claim.

Contact Customer Relations

3. Is your problem the result of a US baggage inspection?

If you believe you have lost contents or your property has been damaged during a US baggage inspection, these claims should be raised directly with the US Transport Security Administration (TSA).

Contact the US Transport Security Administration (TSA)

What you can claim for

You can claim for the following items:

  • Essential items such as toiletries and basics when a bag is delayed, up to a reasonable value (please keep hold of your receipts as we'll need these to assess your claim)
  • Damage to your baggage*
  • Damage to your contents
  • Missing contents
  • Baggage reported as missing for more than 21 days

*Depending on the circumstances, you may be offered a repair service or replacement bag so please discuss your circumstances with us before disposing of your damaged bag or purchasing a new bag.

Make a claim

Other contacts

Contact us to check the status of a claim

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