What country are you in?

Tell us what country you will be in when you want to make the change, purchase or cancellation. Remember that this could be different to the country where you originally made the booking.

For example, if you make a booking through in the USA and then make a change to your booking through our UK Contact Centre, the service fee applied would be that relevant to our UK Contact Centre, and not the service fee for in the USA.

What type of ticket do you have?

If you're unsure of the type of ticket you have, you can log into Manage My Booking to find out. By selecting your flight and then clicking on the Change / Cancel booking option you can see whether or not changes can be made free of charge, with a charge, or not at all.

How would you like to do this?

If you booked through an independent travel agent or a corporate agent then you will need to talk to them directly as they will have set their own service fees.

What type of journey are you taking?

A shorthaul flight would generally be regarded as having a journey time of around 4 hours or less. So most destinations in Europe or around the Mediterranean would be regarded as shorthaul.

Longhaul flights are journeys typically involving long distances, beyond 4 hours in length.