Booking guidelines and tips

We want to make booking with British Airways easier for you, so here is some useful information to help you.

Accepted forms of payment

British Airways has extended its payment policy, so that you can use your credit card as well as PayPal to pay online for flights departing from a wide range of countries, including your country of residence. There are some restrictions about the countries you can book travel from, so please check the 'Country of Departure' list on the Homepage.

If you need to make a booking which departs from a country not included on the 'Country of Departure' list, please call your local British Airways office to find out if your booking can be made over the phone. Alternatively, you can book in person at an Airport ticket desk.

In some cases it may not be possible to make your booking over the phone or on


Please specify the number of passengers based on their ages at the start of the journey. Please note:

  • Young adults (12-15-year olds) – these bookings must include an adult of 16 or over when booking online. Young adults aged 14 and 15 can travel alone but these flights can only be booked by calling us to ensure we have extra information.
  • Children (under 12) – cannot travel alone and these bookings must include an adult of 16 or over.
  • Infants (under 2) – these bookings must include one adult for every infant when booking online. This is because infants are seated on an adult’s lap instead of getting their own seat. To book a separate seat for an infant, please call us.

Group bookings

You can book up to nine people in one booking online. For group bookings of more than nine people, please contact your local British Airways office

Book early

There are a limited number of low fares on each flight, so by booking early you are more likely to be able to buy a lower fare.

Avoid peak travel times

The lowest fares sell more quickly on popular peak time flights. If you are looking for a lower fare, try to take quieter flights during mid-morning, or early afternoon.

Terminology explained

You can use these searches to find the most appropriate ticket.

  • 'Lowest price': The lowest fare available on the flights you selected. Changes and refunds to these fares may not be permitted or may be permitted upon payment of a penalty fee and possible increase in fare.
  • 'Flexible ticket': The fare available on the flights you selected that permits changes and refunds with no penalty fees.

Upgrading with Avios

Upgrading with Avios is only available if you have bought a ticket in a specific selling class.

Find out more about upgrading with Avios