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On Business company travel

We understand the difficulties small and medium sized businesses can face when it comes to travel budgets. But we also realise the benefits of meeting your clients face to face, wherever they are.

That’s why we created On Business, a unique loyalty programme designed to help you and your company make the most of your travel budget. Every time you travel, you can accumulate On Business Points, which can be redeemed for valuable travel benefits. And if your employees are Members of the British Airways Executive Club, or of any oneworld®; partners’ frequent flyer programmes, they’ll personally benefit too. Since 2009, On Business has helped companies meet face to face, while saving over £40 million on flights alone.1

Benefits of On Business

Join On Business for free and save money on flights and upgrades.

British Airways - Hub for Small & Medium Enterprises (SME)

Earn points on every qualifying flight

Start collecting On Business Points, so that you can start spending on flights and upgrades, giving you more for your money.

Find out more about qualifying flights

Spend points on flights and upgrades

Once you’ve collected enough points, you can enjoy a reward flight or treat yourself to an upgrade next time you fly.

Earn triple points on the first six flight sectors that your company takes on qualifying flights in your first 12 months of joining

A flight sector is an individual direct flight. If you take a return flight, e.g. London to New York, this counts as two flight sectors. If you take a return flight, with a connecting flight to your final destination, e.g. Paris-London-New York, this counts as four flight sectors.

A qualifying flight is operated by us, or operated by eligible partner airlines on selected routes, when booked with a 'BA' flight number.

Only two travellers required

Once you have two or more colleagues travelling and have earned sufficient points, your company will be eligible to start spending points on flights and upgrades.

Your colleagues can also benefit personally

Your colleagues, who are members of the British Airways Executive Club or our oneworld® partners' frequent flyer programmes can also benefit personally and make travel even more enjoyable.

Find out about the Executive Club

Find out about all the benefits of On Business

News and offers

Take it there yourself with On Business

No one will care for your new product the way you will. Have a look at our news and offers to see how we can help your business deliver.

On Business News and Offers

Make your travel budget go further

Join On Business and earn triple points on the first six flight sectors that your company takes.

Find out more about our triple points offer

Our mobile apps for business travellers

Our apps are available for the iPhone, BlackBerry and Android phones to help you manage your travel easily while you’re on the move and also download mobile boarding passes, where available.

Find out more about these apps


1 The global On Business membership made savings of £41.5 million during the period 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2012. The figure excludes taxes, fees and carrier charges, which remained payable by the On Business member. The figure excludes upgrade and hotel redemptions and is calculated by reference to average annual fares (by route and cabin class) that, in the absence of a redemption booking, would otherwise have been payable.