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Meet some of our members

To show our support for small and medium sized business, we offered selected On Business members free advertising in our communications, so why not take a moment to find out about them and visit their websites?


Tarlan and Kirsten from Hocusadabra with Hong Kong skyline. 

Tarlan and Kirsten scour the world for children's products for their 'global bazaar', Hocusadabra. This trailblazing store offers some of the most creative, ingenious and eco-friendly kids' products in the world. The carefully selected (and definitely unplugged) toys and accessories appeal not just to youngsters but also to parents who care about what they are buying for their children.

The Candle Company

Ian Carroll from the Candle Company next to a lady surrounded by candles. 

Ian Carroll's Candle Company supplies many of Hong Kong's top hotels, spas and restaurants. So he puts in a lot of flying time tracking down the best oils and fragrances. His in-house designer Vivien helps to innovate and refresh their products, inspired by the great French tradition of perfume making.

Cobb International

Avroy from Cobb International using their cooking system. 

The Cobb is an extremely versatile cooking system. You can use it for baking, barbecuing, frying, roasting and smoking. And since the sides remain cool, and it has rubber feet for stability, you can cook almost anywhere.


Linda from MindLeap in an art gallery. 

Mindleap consults with businesses and corporates in South Africa on how art can be used to reflect not only the spirit of an organisation but also an awareness of the environment in which it operates. 

Mindleap does not currently have a website.

Dart Valley Foods

Michael from Dart Valley Foods holding a basket of their preserves. 

Dart Valley Foods are a family-owned business offering a premium range of speciality gift food items. From the fruit preserves and marmalade to the jellies and relish, and from the biscuits and cookies to the honey and broken fudge, it all tastes delicious.

Beaumont & Fletcher

John from Beaumont & Fletcher in a designer's studio. 

Beaumont & Fletcher provides the Interior Design industry with a rare source of beautifully designed textiles, furniture and accessories. It is an utterly English look that combines classic opulence with assured understatement.

Newgate Clocks

Jim from Newgate Clocks standing in front of a selection of their clocks. 

Jim Read owns and runs Newgate Clocks along with his thirty strong team and his wife Chloe. When they started to travel the world together they found all kinds of amazing architecture and artefacts to influence them in their designs. There are over 350 clocks in the Newgate range, from retro and traditional to ultra modern.

Memory Pillow

Wendy from Memory Pillow lying on a pile of their pillows. 

Memory Pillow make a range of posturepedic pillows and a travel pillow with ‘memory foam’ that moulds to the shape of your head, giving you extra support and comfort. Look out for them and you’ll be in a good position to do even better business.


Tamiko of Z.A. Zen in front of a display of their arts and crafts. 

Here is Z.A.Zen, a marketing consulting company with an export agency representing more than forty South African arts and crafts businesses since 2002. They also manufacture their own African jewellery items and locally made branded products.

Bellandi Group

Luca from Bellandi Group standing in a woollen store room. 

The Bellandi group run one of the oldest and most reputable woollen mills left in the centuries-old textile district of Prato, Italy.

Through a number of companies- including Bel&Co, Duemilagori and Decobel- they supply woollen fabrics for men’s and women’s fashion wear and active ranges, as well as providing interior design studios and firms with home textiles and decoration fabrics.

Arte Veneziana

Alessandro from Arte Veneziana standing beside one of their mirrors and chandeliers. 

Arte Veneziana has been producing artistic mirror ware for three generations, upholding the ancient traditions of the artisan Murano glass-masters.

Today, they specialise in 16th Century reproduction mirrors, Venetian and art deco mirrored furniture and Murano glass chandeliers.

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