Mount Gay Rum Tour Barbados


Mount Gay Rum Tour Barbados

The Mount Gayrum Tour and Visitor Centre, a truly Barbadian Experience! Give yourself a taste of the Good Times at the home of Mount Gay, the world's oldest rum and an integral part of Barbados' history. Mount Gay Rum Tours will introduce you to a taste of the island's culture and all the mysteries of rum-making at its best. Learn the secrets involved in the fascinating traditional processes of producing the world's finest rum - refining, ageing, blending & bottling, and the ancient craft of barrel assembly. Taste the magic and appreciate the special character of Mount Gay Rum in our cool comfortable bar. Discover the culture in the shady verandah restaurant overlooking the ocean, and feast on Bajan Cuisine and sip extra special rum cocktails. Enjoy the experience... and don't forget to take home a taste of the good times from the wide range of items in our souvenir shop.


Half day guided tour with drink and a meal included. pick up from your hotel lobby. 

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Local Representative: St. James. Supplier phone number: +(246) 432-0774. Supplier Language: English Supplier Schedule: Mon-Fri 08:30-5 and Sat from 9-1 Redeem type: Printed voucher Meeting point / Pick-up location: hotel lobby Opening /Start time: 11am Duration: 2 hours plus transfer time Drop-off location: hotel lobby Opening days: Tuesday and Thursday Guide language: English Tuesday- not available on Barbados holidays: 01 and 21 of January, 03,06 and 28 of April, 01 and 25 of May, 01 and 03 of August,30 of November and 25 and 26 of December. Souvenier shop available on Tuesdays and Thursdays Not recommended for children or teens as they cannot sample the rum drinks                                                         Should an emergency arise, please call one of the following telephone number: +34 971 211601 In Destination telephone support line Rest of the World         +34971 211601 In Origin telephone support line: +34971211630.

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