Gozo experience, Malta


Gozo experience, Malta

Tour to Malta's sister island of Gozo. After a 20 minute ferry crossing, on setting foot in Gozo you will notice that although both islands are similar in history and development Gozo has a character entirely of its own. Gozo, which is a three hilled island, is greener and more picturesque than Malta. During this excursion, we visit the citadel in Victoria, the bay of Xlendi and we also stop at a spectacular cultural experiences depicting Gozo´s long and colourful history.. Free time for shopping will also be given. Gozo is reknown for its woolen goods and handmade lace.


Full day guided tour, with a meal and hotel pick up. 

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Approximately meeting time: between 8:15 and 9:15 hours. Duration: Approximately 9 hours Meeting/ Pick up point: Please note that a fax will be sent to your hotel with 24 hours’ notice before your tour starts providing the details for your collection. It is your responsibility to collect this information. Should not receive it, please call the emergency telephone number. Remember that you must submit your booking voucher to the representative/ tour guide/ driver, and please do not forget to bring a valid photo ID with you. Please note your booking will not be confirmed if you haven't provide your hotel name and address. In Destination telephone support line Malta                            +35627780516 In Origin telephone support line: +34971211630

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