Northern Lights Cruise Reykjavik - 2100 departure


Northern Lights Cruise Reykjavik - 2100 departure

Escape the city lights and head out to the open water on a relaxing cruise and admire the Northern Lights as they dance around the night sky. Highlights - Relaxing cruise under the starry sky - A must-do tour for anyone visiting Iceland - Go in search of the Northern Lights Embark on an unforgettable cruise towards the unknown as you hunt for the Aurora Borealis dancing across the evening sky. Before setting off on this unforgettable journey, enjoy an informative video in the visitor centre about the Northern Lights. As you learn about the science behind this natural phenomenon in this 10-minute presentation, you will be able to watch incredible time-lapse footage and see impressive photos Leave the capital behind as you sail into the dark blue yonder in search of the dazzling display against the starry sky. Dressed in warm overalls and with a complimentary hot-drink in hand, visit the open-top deck where you will have 360° views overhead: the perfect platform to witness mother nature´s light show with your own eyes. Don´t forget to take plenty of photos, as you may capture colours that our eyes simply cannot see! If you are feeling chilly or want to take a break, take a seat in the indoor heated lounge or visit the large saloon area or cafe where you can purchase additional light refreshments.


Northern Lights Cruise including a complimentary hot drink. 

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Meeting point: Reykjavík's Old Harbour Ægisgarður 5, 101 Reykjavík Meeting Time: 9pm The customers must be at the meeting point 15 min before the start of the tour. Before the tour our guests can check out our Northern Lights Blog with daily updates on recent sightings and our forecast for the coming tour. Please note the Northern Lights are subject to weather conditions on the day Tour Operates in English In Destination telephone support line Rest of the World         +34971 211601 In Origin telephone support line: +34971211630.

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