Gettysburg in a Day, From Washington


Gettysburg in a Day, From Washington

Travel back in time as you learn about the bloodiest battle in the American Civil War. Spend a day devoted to a tour of the town of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and the historic battlefield where thousands of soldiers perished. To this day, the name Gettysburg carried a huge emotional weight in the American psyche. Travelling to Gettysburg you pass through picturesque countryside that belies the tragic events of America’s past here. The battle of Gettysburg resulted in the greatest casualties of the American Civil War and is regarded as the turning point in the war wherein the invasion of the north by the Confederate Army was halted. On arrival at the Farnsworth House, gain an introduction to a day in the life of a soldier with a hands-on experience that finds you in an encampment as you prepare for a day of battle. Follow a soldier to the attic of Farnsworth House for a sharpshooter's view of Cemetery Hill, while also seeing relics from the battlefield. The mellifluous voice of Morgan Freeman narrates a 22-minute introductory film regarding the battle at the Gettysburg Visitor Center. Then experience the cyclorama, a 360-degree painting of the battle's third day accompanied by the story of that day by the narrator Marcia Gay Harden. There’s also a museum that explores the time leading up to the battle, the fighting itself and the lasting effects on the town of Gettysburg long after the war concluded in 1865. The trip concludes with a two-hour tour of the battlefield led by award-winning guides, covering every breathtaking moment of the historic battle.


Full day guided tour. 

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Meeting/pick-up point: please go to the Gray Line ticket window on the bus level of the parking garage at Union Station 2 Massachusetts Ave., NE Washington, DC 20002. To get to bus level, go to the center rear of Union Station and up the escalator, out the door leading to the parking garage. Just outside those doors are a second escalator and the Gray Line ticket window is located in the Greyhound Building on the left. Tour starts at 8:00am and is approximately 10.5 hours. Please ensure you arrive at the meeting point at least 30 minutes prior to the tour start time. Remember to bring the voucher and valid photo ID with you. In the event of an emergency, please call the Gray Line at +1 202-779-9894. Voucher valid for date of service only. This voucher will be honored only once and misuse is considered a criminal offense.

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