Ride the Funchal cable car to Monte


Ride the Funchal cable car to Monte

Look out over the city and coast of Madeira from the best possible vantage point as you climb from the sea to the mountains in the Funchal Cable car. Gaze over the beautiful Atlantic Ocean as you make the 3,200 meter journey to the summit by the Tropical Palace Garden. Take in the spectacular mix of colours; blues, greens and oranges, and marvel as the landscape changes as you rise from city roofs into the majestic mountainside.  Often referred to as a “Garden City”, Funchal has an abundance of green spaces and flowers leading to a stunning combination of urban and rural landscapes. Experience this colourful scene from a panoramic viewpoint as you rise up from its streets and remember to bring your camera to capture the view as it unfolds beneath you. With 39 cabins and the ability to transport up to 800 passengers per hour, the Funchal Cable car is not merely used to enjoy the spectacular views; it is also the fastest and most fun way to access the romantic area of Monte and its surroundings.  Discover the cultural gems at Monte such as the beautiful Palace Tropical Gardens, The Museum of Semi-Precious Stones, The Church of Nossa Senhora do Monte and the Fountain of the Virgin. Those seeking an adrenaline rush will also have the opportunity to take part in a famous local tradition and ride one of the legendary wicker toboggans back down to the streets of Funchal.


Roundtrip cable car ticket. 

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Print and bring the voucher to enjoy the activity. Location: Park Almirante Reis,in the old part of the town. The cable car  “Monte” is by the Tropical Garden  Monte Palace. Starting  time: 0900am End: 5.45 pm Openning days: every day except Christmas day Duration: 15 minutes  each way approx Voucher  Validity -  1 day Remember to bring the voucher and valid photo ID with you. In Destination telephone support line Rest of the World        +34971 211601 In Origin telephone support line: +34971211630

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