Ancient Akrotiri and Santorini Wineries Tour


Ancient Akrotiri and Santorini Wineries Tour

Discover the ancient ruins of Akrotiri, sip Santorini wine at three wineries on this 6-hour Santorini tour! Traveling by air-conditioned minivan, learn about Santorini's history as you experience the Minoan Bronze Age ruins at Akrotiri, and then delve into its rich winemaking heritage at three vineyards. Sample 12 different wines on your visits. Numbers are limited to eight on this small-group tour, ensuring personalized attention from a guide.Start your day with a hotel pickup and travel to the archaeological site at Akrotiri, an ancient city that was frozen in time after a volcanic eruption some 3,600 years ago. Head inside with your guide — an expert in archaeology — and learn about the Minoan city before the catastrophic event occurred. Many speculate that the site is actually Atlantis, a mythical city described by the Greek philosopher Plato as being a prosperous land that disappeared without trace after the Gods were angered.Gaze in awe at the ruins of multistoried buildings that date back to the 16th century, and admire the intricately designed drainage system that hints at a talented civilization more advanced than its time. Frescoes and fascinating ceramic artifacts are just a few of the finds that add even more intrigue to the site as you wander around.Evidence of the island's winemaking heritage has been uncovered at Akrotiri and, after learning about the processes used in bygone days, leave the attraction and set off to discover how Santorini wine is made today.Producing some of the most distinctive wine in the Mediterranean, the island owes its success largely to aspa, a blend of volcanic soil that gives the wine its rich minerality and light flavor. Grapes are grown in baskets close to the ground rather than on trellises, allowing much-needed moisture from the island's minimal rainfalls to be retained.Visit three of the island's traditional wineries, and enjoy cellar tours of each one to see how the winemaking process unfolds, from harvesting the grapes to bottling and maturing the wine. Take a walk around one of the volcanic vineyards to see the grapes growing in the unforgiving island conditions and, of course, try glasses of Santorini wine galore - up to 12 samples in total! Try popular varietals such as assyrtiko, nykteri and the rich vinsanto, and enjoy a platter of local delicacies including cheese, salami, bread and olives to complement and balance out the flavors of the wine. Your experience then finishes with a hotel drop-off.


Hotel pickup and drop-off Transport by air-conditioned minivan Local guide 12 wine tastings Snacks 

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