'Jump' Acrobatic Show and Dinner in Seoul


'Jump' Acrobatic Show and Dinner in Seoul

Enjoy a fun night out with your family in Seoul with this dance show and dinner. Enjoy a tasty meal of 'bibimbap,' a traditional Korean dish, followed by a performance of internationally acclaimed 'Jump,' featuring an electrifying mix of Korean martial arts, acrobatics and comedy. Hotel pickup and drop-off by air-conditioned vehicle is included.After pickup from your Seoul hotel, your evening begins with dinner at a popular local restaurant. Relax and chat with your fellow travelers as you enjoy bibimbap, a signature Korean dish served as a bowl of white rice topped with namul (sautéed vegetables), an egg, sliced meat and gochujang (chili pepper paste).Once you've had your fill, you'll head to a local venue to watch 'Jump,' an internationally acclaimed performance that's perfect for the whole family.With performances on Broadway and in the UK, this innovative musical comedy features traditional Asian martial arts including Korea's taekwondo and taekkyon. Marvel at impressive acrobatic tricks and non-stop energetic martial arts moves as you follow the story of a family of martial arts specialists who must defend their house from robbers.After the performance, you will be taken back to your hotel.


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