St Paul's Cathedral London


St Paul's Cathedral London

Come and discover the beauty of one of the great British landmarks: St Paul’s Cathedral. HIGHLIGHTS:  * Admire the 111 metre high dome and fascinating interior  * Test the acoustic peculiarities of the Whispering Gallery To Londoners, St Paul’s Cathedral is more than a beautiful church – it is a symbol of their defiance and resilience. Rising above the concrete and glass of the modern city, this majestic masterpiece of the rare and short-lived English baroque style remains one of the most emblematic elements in a city packed with attractions. The current cathedral is the fourth to have been built on this site at the top of Ludgate Hill, the highest point in the City of London. It was constructed after the great fire of 1666 gutted the city and the most prestigious architect of the era was chosen. Christopher Wren’s design was so outstanding that its 111 metre-high dome remained the tallest building in London until 1962. But the greatest feat of all was how it survived the brutal Blitz bombing campaign of World War II, earning it a mythical status among the citizens, regardless of faith. As soon as you cross the gates of this awe-inspiring cathedral, your eyes will be drawn to the impressive interior. Learn all about its fascinating past and test the acoustic peculiarities of the Whispering Gallery. Marvel at the meticulous mosaics that decorate the choir or the extravagantly gilded high altar. Perhaps you can pause for a moment to reflection and contemplation, maybe even light a candle and say a little prayer. Visit the Golden Gallery and enjoy the stunning heavenly views of London.


Admission to St Paul's Cathedral. 

Operating details

Meeting point: West entrance to the Cathedral. Note: there is disabled access from the South churchyard entrance. Clients will then be issued tickets in exchange for their voucher. Start/opening time: Monday to Saturday at 8.30am. End/closing time: Last admission at 4pm with sightseeing finishing 30 minutes later. Languages: English guide only. Multimedia guides in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean are included with admission. The access to the Whispering, Stone and Golden Galleries is from 09.30 – 16.15. The cathedral closes for sightseeing at 16.30. In Destination telephone support line United Kingdom    +448720560080 In Origin telephone support line: +34971211630

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