Tour of the Souks and Fandouks of Marrakech - Half day tour


Tour of the Souks and Fandouks of Marrakech - Half day tour

Immerse yourself in the heart of vibrant and atmospheric Marrakech as you are guided round its world famous street markets, known as souks and fandouks. HIGHLIGHTS:  * Soak up the atmosphere with a tour through the winding streets of Marrakech  * Learn to negotiate for bargains with a professional guide at the souks  * Excite your senses with the aromas and vibrant sights Take in the sights, sounds and smells as you experience the hustle and bustle of the labyrinth of small stalls selling everything you could possibly imagine. Visit a local herbalist to learn about traditional Moroccan medicine and marvel at the acrobats, snake charmers and musicians at the lively Djemaa el-Fna square. This tour will truly bring the highlights of Marrakech to life. Keep your eye out for a bargain and always remember to negotiate as you explore the renowned markets of Marrakech. Your guide will lead you to the very best spots to haggle on items from traditional spices to clothing, craftwork to jewellery, all the while informing you on the fascinating history of the city and ensuring that you are not ripped off. Wind your way through the souks and fandouks to Djemaa el-Fna, a square in the heart of the city that lives and breathes with activity.  Take in the intoxicating mix of colours and aromas as you make your way to the centre to witness a hypnotic snake charmer perform his dangerous show right in front of you. Marvel at the acrobats and traditional Gnawa musicians before being led to meet a local herbalist who will explain the rich traditions of herbal Moroccan medicine.


Half day tour. 

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Please confirm the time and location for pick-up with 48hours’ notice prior to the activity by ringing the following telephone numbers. Office-Phone: 00 212 5 24 44 97 64 Monday till Friday: From 09:00 am to 12:30 and From 14:30 till 18:30pm Saturday: From 09:00 am till 13:00 For any emergency : 00 212 661 597 037. If the hotel is centrally located, guests will be picked up there. For those hotels outside the town and riads, time and place will have to be determined at the reconfirmation time. Remember that you must submit your booking voucher to the representative and please do not forget to bring a valid photo ID with you. Duration of the activity: from 14.30 to 18.00  approximately. Not accessible for wheelchairs Languages: French and English In Destination telephone support line Morocco +212520426057 In Origin telephone support line +34971211630.

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