Naples Above and Underground Archaeology Walking Tour


Naples Above and Underground Archaeology Walking Tour

Get beneath Naples' surface on this 3-hour, small-group tour of the city's most compelling archaeological sites, from Roman roads to early Christian remains. Accompanied by an expert art historian, discover a lost world that is hidden beneath Naples' streets — one that holds the key to the city's past. Explore Greek, Roman and early Christian ruins beneath Naples Cathedral and the excavated Roman market below the Gothic church of San Lorenzo Maggiore. While you observe the subterranean sights, learn about Neapolitan history from your expert guide. Entrance fees not included. Meet your guide in the morning at the church of Gesù Nuovo in Naples' historical center. Then, set off through the bustling streets on a mission to uncover the layers of history that lie beneath your feet.Naples has a long and varied history, evidence of which is preserved in the underworld beneath the modern-day surface. At the city's cathedral, Duomo di San Gennaro, step out of the Neapolitan traffic and into the ruins of an ancient city.Marvel at the ancient sights, which include a paved road that dates back to the Greek era and various Roman and early Christian ruins. Follow your professional art historian guide through the ruins and note how they contrast against the church's ornate Baroque décor.Back on street level, continue walking through Naples' city center, soaking up the lively atmosphere as you go. Find out which main city thoroughfares still follow the old Roman city plan and stroll down Via dei Tribunali, one of the main roads from the old Greco-Roman city.Next, stop at the church of San Lorenzo Maggiore to see more underground ruins. Descend below the Gothic church into the old Greek and Roman agora. Walk along streets that date back to the 1st and 3rd centuries BC and get a closer look at the time-worn structures and passageways.Make your way back to the church of Gesù Nuovo, where — having learned about the city's long and illustrious past — your tour concludes.


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