Cupcake and Macaron Walking Tour of Edinburgh


Cupcake and Macaron Walking Tour of Edinburgh

Discover Edinburgh's best cupcakes, macarons, shortbread cookies and more on a 2.5-hour walking tour with six samples included! Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth, the experience takes in several candy stores, bakeries and cafes along the Royal Mile and its surrounding streets. Nibble on macarons in Lickety Splits, coo over the light cupcakes of Cuckoo's Bakery and discover the Scottish capital's best-loved shortbread at Pinnies and Poppy Seeds. Meet your guide in central Edinburgh, and then set off on your 2.5-hour walking tour to discover the finest cupcakes and macarons that the Scottish capital has to offer. Even though cupcakes hail from America and macarons from France, the tasty delights are now a common sight in many of Edinburgh's bakeries and food shops.Hunt down the most interesting varieties of cupcakes and macarons as you explore the Royal Mile and surrounding streets, visiting some of the city's finest food shops and savoring up to six samples as you go.Head inside Cuckoo's Bakery where delicious cupcakes are made each day by hand. High quality and locally sourced ingredients are only ever used in their cakes, ensuring that the seductively sweet flavors remain unforgotten. Continue to Bibi's Bakery where billowy meringues and soft macarons are piled high alongside cupcakes, and then visit Patisserie Valerie, a much-loved chain that produces more of the popular sweet treats.Wander across to Lickety Splits candy shop to try the delights concocted by Mademoiselle Macaron — a Scottish lass who has given French macarons a lovely local twist. Further highlights of the tour include Mimi's Picnic Parlour, a family-run enterprise with a reputation for culinary indulgence, and Pinnies and Poppy Seeds where shortbread cookies are given a starring role.After 2.5 hours, your tour finishes at Pinnies and Poppy Seeds; it's the perfect place to shop for souvenirs, if you wish!


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