Disneyland Paris celebrates it's 20th anniversary in 2012, bringing a world of magic, lights and colours to life. Their biggest ever once-in-a-lifetime party will transform celebrations forever, transporting you and all your favourite characters to a world shimmering in new magic, new lights and new colours. The party starts from 1st April 2012. Sleeping Beauty Castle will see spectacular flights of fancy wrapped around it as Peter Pan’s shadow escapes to bring you the rainbow reality of Disney Dreams – an unmissable new night-time spectacular show. Just a flash away, Main Street, U.S.A.® Celebrates stirs up the excitement on one of the most famous streets in the world taking that party feeling to twinkling new heights with pixie dust as far as the eye can see. The new Disney Magic on Parade will erupt in a carnival of magical stories and colourful capers. Imagine a Disneyland® Park, where make believe is real and a Walt Disney Studios® Park, where the magic of Disney meets the magic of cinema. Imagine a Disney® Village, where fun and entertainment stay open day and night. Welcome to Disneyland Paris®, a holiday destination like no other.


This ticket provides admission to both Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios for one day. This ticket is valid for both Disney Parks within the same day, subject to Disney Parks capacity on days of visit. The vouchers for Celebration tickets are valid six months from the pick-up, requested at time of booking. The ticket given in exchange is valid for six months from the pick-up date requested at time of booking. 

Operating details

Disclaimers: Every effort will be made by Disneyland® Paris to ensure that all advertised facilities are available. However, certain shows, parades, attractions, entertainment, shops and restaurants may be closed, modified, delayed or cancelled without prior notice, notably due to inclement weather conditions. Restrictions: children must be accompanied by an adult. For your security, height restrictions apply on certain attractions. There are also health and physical conditions that may be aggravated by certain attractions (for instance: expectant mothers, those with heart conditions, pace maker, spinal problems, neck brace, travel sickness or visitors with reduced mobility). Please observe the information given at the entrance. Entry is subject to park capacity and opening times may be subject to change, please check on arrival.

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Disneyland Paris

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