Montserrat Monastery Excursion from Barcelona - 0645 departure


Montserrat Monastery Excursion from Barcelona - 0645 departure

Travel to the Montserrat Monastery and discover the spirituality of this magical place, located on a sacred mountain only an hour away by car to Barcelona. This iconic symbol of Catalonia is not only known for its important religious properties but also for the natural beauty of its surroundings. Highlights - Get to grips with both the past and present of the Montserrat Monastery - Appreciate the objects of great historical and artistic value in the museum and the Basilica - Enjoy an exhibition about the evolution of the image of the virgin Explore one of the biggest icons of Catalan culture, with the help of a helpful bilingual tour guide who will be able to tell you the interesting history of the monastery and the changes it has undergone from its historical beginnings to the present. The monastery´s origin began in the hermitage of Santa María in the year 888 and between the years 1493 and 1835, a time of great growth and splendour, it became part of the Congregation of Valladolid. In addition, if you choose the option of entrance to the museum and liquor tasting you will have the opportunity to visit the Montserrat museum where the guide will explain the great cultural heritage of the museum. Although the majority was lost during the Napoleonic War, the museum gathers a valuable set of artistic elements that you cannot miss. See objects related to the countries listed in the Bible, such as Mesopotamia, Cyprus, Egypt and Palestine, and admire an ancient collection of paintings from the 13th to the 18th century, in which you will find works by artists such as El Greco , Morales, Berruguete or Caravaggio. Fall in love with the architecture of the Basilica which combines Gothic and Renaissance styles. Observe its atrium and its sacristy as well as an interesting permanent exhibition on the image of the Virgin which shows how it has changed over the years. In the audiovisual exhibition you will also have the opportunity to appreciate the talents of the singers, composers and teachers that make up the Choir of Montserrat.


Admission to Montserrat Monastery 


Thank you for booking with us. Your meeting point for this tour is: Plaça Catalunya, 21, 08002 Barcelona *IN FRONT OF HARD ROCK CAFE* Meeting point time: 0645 Please be on time since there is no tolerance. If you have any question please contact us at: +34 91 793 80 79 Duration of the tour: 5 hours Return time: Depending the option chosen. Guide languages: English and Spanish Customers must be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the start of the tour. Remember to bring the voucher and valid photo ID with you. In Destination telephone support line SPAIN +34971 211601 In Origin telephone support line +34971211630.

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