Hong Kong 360 Lantau Explorer Tour - Renaissance Harbour View pick up


Hong Kong 360 Lantau Explorer Tour - Renaissance Harbour View pick up

A favourite destination both for locals and for visitors to the city, Lantau Island is almost twice the size of Hong Kong Island and is one of the best-loved outlying retreats. The new developments of the Ngong Ping Cable Car and Ngong Ping Village have seen the Island become an increasingly popular destination for visitors and locals in Hong Kong. The cable car offers a spectacular 5.7 kilometre journey with panoramic views, the most picturesque way to travel to Lantau. On the island, you can get back to nature and experience local life by exploring Tai O, a quaint fishing village dotted with traditional houses on stilts. Home to the Tanka people, a community of fisher folk that have been there for generations, Tai O's stilt houses form a network of interconnected habitations that effectively float on the water. Later, come face to face with the glistening spectacle of Tian Tan Buddha, also appropriately known as Big Buddha, which is the world's tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha statue at the Po Lin Monastery. At 34 metres high, it is a formidable, beautiful and breathtaking site. It famously symbolises the harmonious balance between humans, nature and religion, and is a major centre for Buddhism in Hong Kong. Its home, the Po Lin Monastery, was originally founded by three monks and contains three more bronze Buddha statues, representing the past, present and future. At the monastery you can also enjoy a tasty vegetarian meal, wind down, relax and reflect on your fun-filled excursion.


Full day tour including admission, vegetarian lunch and pick up from  Renaissance Harbour View. 


VOUCHER INFORMATION Activity Type: No pick-up Supplier phone number: 00852 2368 7111, 00852 3620 3921 Supplier Language:  English, Chinese Supplier Schedule:  Monday to Friday from 7am to 9pm Redeem type:  Printed voucher Meeting point/ Pick-up location: Renaissance Harbour View Pick-up time:  8.05 am Drop-off location:  Renaissance Harbour View Drop-off time:  4:00 PM Opening/ Start time:  8.05 am Closing/ End time:  4:00 PM Opening days/period:  Daily Duration:  7 hours Guide language:  English  Voucher validity:  1 day Extra comments:   - - Should the Cable Car be cancelled due to inclement weather or any other safety reasons, alternative transportation will be arranged. Included vegetarian lunch. In Destination telephone support line Rest of the World        +34971 211601 In Origin telephone support line: +34971211630

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