Budapest Gellért Thermal Spa - Skip the line - Admission


Budapest Gellért Thermal Spa - Skip the line - Admission

Skip the entrance line and experience the natural wonders of Budapest’s world renowned Gellert Thermal Spa. Boasting 13 baths, steam rooms, saunas and a Roman-style swimming pool, Gellert combines its traditional Hungarian healing pools with stunning design and architecture for a truly memorable day out. Budapest is undoubtedly on of the thermal spa capitals of the world and every day seventy million liters of 21-78 Celsius water spring forth from its 118 natural thermal springs. It is no surprise then, that over the last century, its residents have developed a taste for these naturally warm baths and have built up a rich culture around them. Do as the Hungarians do, and make the most of these spas that have a whole variety of medical benefits. The water composition at Gellert helps to relieve and cure a variety of ailments; chronic and semi-acute arthritis, blood circulation problems and aortic stenosis to name just a few and the on-site inhalatorium is a valuable tool when treating asthmatic, chronic bronchitis complaints. The jewel in the crown of this spa-lover’s paradise has to be its famous main hall with its spectacular Roman swimming pool, glass roof and viewing gallery. Built in the art-nouveau style, the pool is decorated with numerous artistic mosaics, sculptures and art-nouveau furnishings. Enjoy the magnesium and calcium-rich waters of this pool and all the other indoor and outdoor features of the Gellert Thermal Spa complex.


Admission with skip the line entry and Cabin use. 


To join your tour please go to: 1118 Budapest, Kelenhegyi út 4 Opening hours: From 9am until 6 pm. Your ticket is valid until 8 pm for the requested date. Remember to bring the voucher and valid photo ID with you. In Destination telephone support line Hungary                       +3618154356 In Origin telephone support line: +34971211630. Towel rental is available in Gellért Baths.

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