Kehlsteinhaus Eagle's Nest, Salzburg


Kehlsteinhaus Eagle's Nest, Salzburg

Soaring high above the Bavarian Alps is the Eagle’s Nest, the former mountain retreat of Adolf Hitler. The Kehlsteinhaus, as it is called in German, enjoys stunning panoramic views over Berchtesgaden and the surrounding countryside. It is the only surviving relic of those used by the Nazi dictator in this scenic area. The Eagle’s Nest was a 50th birthday gift to Hitler from his secretary, Martin Bormann, who had gone to a great deal of effort to have it built on top of the Kehlstein ridge, more than 1,800 metres above sea level. An extremely expensive access road, which included five tunnels, was built over a 13-month period. But after all that effort, Hitler didn’t like the villa as he was scared of heights. The Kehlsteinhaus is located about 45 minutes from Salzburg and you will enjoy a breathtaking journey up the final 6.5km stretch of road to the property. On arrival, a lift takes you more than 120 metres through the mountain and directly into the chalet. This Alpine retreat is a masterpiece of modern architecture and was decorated with furniture made by one of the leading designers of the era and a red marble fireplace gifted by Mussolini. Because the Eagle’s Nest was untouched by Allied bombing in the war, it remains in its original state. Enjoy some free time to explore the old conference room, the dining area, the small tea room and the terraces, while your guide will explain the background to this beautiful property with a dark past.


Half day tour with admission to Eagle’s Nest. 


Meeting/pick-up point: Mirabellplatz 2 (next to Mirabell Gardens and University Mozarteum) Salzburg. Duration: 4.5 hours. Start/opening time: 8.30am. Language: English Please arrive 15 minutes prior the tour Remember to bring the voucher and valid photo ID with you Emergency phone number: 0043 662 424000-45. In Destination telephone support line Austria                          +4312534978348 In Origin telephone support line: +34971211630

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