Auschwitz Birkenau Tour in English


Auschwitz Birkenau Tour in English

Explore the darkest chapter in history with this emotive tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau, the most notorious Nazi concentration camps. Representing a truly awful point in the history of humanity, this tour of the camps will give you insights into both the strengths and weaknesses of the human condition. Exactly how many innocent men, women and children were murdered at Auschwitz is not known but all estimates are above the one-million mark. The tour includes a visit to Auschwitz I, the administrative centre of the camp, and Auschwitz II, which was designed and constructed as an extermination facility. Walk through the gate bearing the fallacious inscription: ‘Arbeit macht frei’ (work sets one free) and begin touring the complex. The guide will explain the origins of the camp, its history and the everyday life of the prisoners. The memorial and museum were founded in 1947 and the complex comprises the camps of Auschwitz (Auschwitz I) in Oświęcim and Birkenau (Auschwitz II) in Brzezinka. There are approximately 150 buildings and 300 ruins. The original roads, fences, watchtowers and railway ramps have all been preserved. In 1979, the camp was designated a Unesco World Heritage Site. Out of respect for those who lost their lives here, please maintain the dignity and sanctity of these memorials by wearing appropriate attire. This tour will provide an education into a history that can never be forgotten so that the steps and climate leading up to it will never be repeated again.


Guided tour of Auschwitz-Birkenau 


Meeting point: There are 7 pick-up points: 1. Hotel Galaxy. 2. Hotel Qubus. 3. Starowiślna nr 65. 4. Wielopole nr 2. 5. Pawia P&R. 6. Hotel Maltanski. 7. Hotel Sheraton. Meeting point instructions: Please contact the supplier and confirm which pick-up point you want to use 48 hours before the tour by calling +48 602 109 583 during office hours from 8am till 4pm or emailing Please confirm the exact address and time of your pick-up location. Please ensure you arrive at the meeting point at least 15 minutes prior to the tour start time. Start time: 9am. End: City centre. Duration: 8 hours (approx.). Language: English. Mandatory instructions: Remember to bring the voucher and valid photo ID with you. Please ensure that you have provided the correct names for all guests travelling, otherwise they will be refused entry at Auschwitz. Supplier name: Jordan Travel. Supplier emergency phone: +48 602109583, +48 660302320. Voucher type: Printed Voucher. Print and bring the voucher to enjoy the activity. Recommendations: Modest and comfortable clothing and shoes. Please note this activity is not recommended from children under 14 years.

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