Paying a deposit

Is my booking confirmed if I have only paid a deposit?

Yes. Paying a deposit fully confirms your booking.

How is the deposit amount calculated?

The deposit amount is based on the value of your booking.

Can I pay more than the deposit amount?

Yes. On the payment page you will have the option to pay the minimum amount, more than the minimum amount or the full amount.

When is the full balance due?

The full balance of the booking must be paid at least 5 weeks prior to your departure. The actual date your balance is due will be displayed on the payment details page.

You will be sent a balance due reminder via email.

Do I have to pay the balance in one payment?

No. You can pay the balance in as many instalments as you want. This allows you to spread the cost of the holiday over a longer period. You will have full flexibility of when you make the payments and how much they are.

The only requirement is that you must have paid the full balance at least 5 weeks prior to departure.

How do I pay the balance?

Your email confirmation will include details of how to do this after you have completed your booking.

Is the deposit refundable?

In most cases, the deposit amount is not refundable in the event that you decide to cancel your booking. However, some exceptions apply if you have chosen a fully flexible air fare as part of your package.

Terms & conditions applicable to your booking will be displayed to you during the booking process.