Privacy summary

We collect three types of information online:

  • About you - the information you type in
  • About how you use our site - because we can track this using something called 'cookies'
  • About your travel patterns - if you make bookings with us

The main ways we use this information:

  • To tailor how our site can help you
  • To fulfil your travel requirements and deliver what you have asked us for
  • To treat you more personally
  • To maintain your records
  • To send you appropriate marketing communications
  • For analysis about how each of our customers use the site

The main way we let other selected companies use this information:

  • To help fulfil your travel requirements and help deliver what you have asked us for

And, for your peace of mind:

  • For over 30 years we have been safeguarding customer information on our computers
  • You can stop us sending you marketing communications
  • You can delete or change the information which you have given us

View our full privacy policy (updated November 2012)