Reward Flight Calculator

Find out how many Avios you need for a reward flight.

About the calculator

This calculator helps you work out the cost of a one-way reward flight. It includes:

  • British Airways - direct flights and flights with one stop or connection (e.g. Edinburgh-London-Miami)
  • Partner airlines - direct flights

To work out the cost of a return flight or a more complicated journey, search for each flight separately and add the prices together.

The prices do not indicate availability.

Prices are calculated based on today's schedule. If a route is seasonal, it may not be possible to display the cost of this route.

Prices are calculated differently for journeys including two or more oneworld partner airlines.

Avios prices for two or more oneworld airlines

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Connecting journeys

Prices shown above for connecting journeys assume either that both flights are on peak days, or that both are on off-peak days. It's possible that when you book, that one flight will be on a peak day, and one on an off-peak day, in which case the price may vary.

Reward Flight Saver

Reward Flight Saver gives you better value on reward flights. As well as the appropriate Avios amount, you pay a flat cash fee instead of taxes, fees and carrier charges, which will always result in a cheaper cash payment. If you choose off-peak dates for travel, you’ll get the lowest Avios price as well.

Our current Reward Flight Saver fees are:

  • Economy - £35 / €42 return on British Airways and £56 / ZAR700 on Comair
  • Business - £50 / €60 return on British Airways and £64 / ZAR800 on Comair

Reward Flight Saver is available only on return British Airways flights in Europe and Comair flights in Southern Africa.

To be eligible, you need to have collected or spent at least one Avios in the past 12 months. When you search for reward flights, you’ll see the Reward Flight Saver symbol against qualifying flights and the fee will be calculated automatically.

If you're not eligible for Reward Flight Saver you won’t see the symbol and we'll show you the standard taxes, fees and carrier charges instead.

Reward Flight Saver Terms and Conditions

Booking with multiple partner airlines

Prices are calculated differently for flights with two or more oneworld airlines, or British Airways plus two or more oneworld partner airlines. For these journeys, use this table instead of the calculator:

Avios prices for two or more oneworld airlines