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Flights and holidays to South America

Make an adventure to South America

Discover a melting pot of intriguing culture, an infusion of ancient ways meets modern days and an exotic terrain of beauty. From the magical nature and mysteries of the north, to the treasures of the very south – explore cities and sanctuaries.

Visit spectacular landmarks in Brazil, enjoy surfing paradise in Costa Rica, or trek between the red canyon deserts and ice-blue glaciers of Argentina. Take a holiday like no other – grab your dancing shoes for a taste of tango, tuck into fried plantain from food stalls and relish wildlife encounters. Open your eyes to the colonial architecture and vibrant colours of city favelas across the country, or discover the mythology of Machu Picchu in Peru and meet with the Inca people.


Make your way to the vast lands of Argentina. Explore a world of colourful canyons, luscious forest, glistening lakes and the sublime Andes Mountain range. Book flights to Buenos Aires and take a bike tour around this stand out city. Discover beautiful coastline and European architecture. Wander through the vibrant Boca district and enjoy local cuisine in Palermo. Dance the Latin America tango and head out to a mouth-watering winery. Trek to the wondrous glaciers, then see fascinating wildlife, from parrots to penguins, this place has it all.

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Journey to the tropical lands of Brazil. From the urban jungles, mountain tops and seascape, find yourself sipping from a coconut and hiking to waterfalls. Book flights to Rio de Janeiro and see the striking statue of Christ the Redeemer, which reigns the city skyline. Take a gondola up Sugarloaf Mountain for inspiring views, see the mosaic steps of Escadaria Selarón and hit up Ipanema beach. Or book flights to São Paulo for the coffee, culture and carnival. Stroll through the wondrous architecture and glorious botanical gardens, then grab a flavourful empadas pastry.

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Lose yourself to the city of extremes in Chile. Book flights to Santiago and immerse yourself in this hip capital. Buy yourself a churro and wander past sculptures, through markets and into museums. Begin your roaming around Plaza de Armas, take a look at the street art and soak up the buildings of Old Europe. Surrounded by mountain range, dry desert and long grasslands, leave the city for a real adventure. Discover snow-capped volcanoes, make an expedition to the Marble Caves or revel in the contrasting beauty of Torres del Paine National Park.

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Find a piece of magic in Costa Rica. With its gloriously tropic beaches, surfing paradise waves, green jewelled jungles and misty volcanoes, this destination is a treat. Book flights to San José, the culture capital, erupting with live music, art, colonial mansions turned galleries and pristine parks. Leave the city for a walk on the wild side. Explore the Manuel Antonio National Park and see monkeys, sloths and vibrant toucans. Trek to the dormant Volcano Arenal and the hot springs, to admire sensational views.

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